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  1. UPDATE: Both brass syrian rigs have been sold. [b]These items remain:[/b] [b]!) The third set up, the KM with the blue jumbo vase[/b] [b]2) The small Egermann boho[/b] The turkish hose has been removed from the sale, I discovered that it has a small leak Items purchased Thursday night will be mailed today, Friday sales go out Monday. (I will send tracking info) Thanks all, pm any questions/offers on the remaining items!
  2. Judy Oma

    New Km Fire Base

    My wants it.
  3. Small Egermann boho with the bird is still available, as the awesome KM setup with jumbo magic vase, #6. Setup #4 is pending as is the turkish hose. Tang tobacco, free shipping, will be posted soon.
  4. [size=5][b]SOLD:[/b][/size] 1) Small Tangiers phunnel 2) Tall brass Syrian with genie base 3) AMBER SENOV BOHO THAT WASN'T EVEN FOR SALE Someone wanted to know if a large picture in the background for sale... Thanks for the support peeps!
  5. Chris and Omark! I've missed you both profoundly. Yes I shall be around more, took a six month smoking hiatus and bad stuff happened, but I'm dangling my toes in the water again and trying to ease back in After stepping back and getting some perspective (and losing about 1000sq ft of living space), its time to scale down the schtuff! [size=1]...or just make more room for new stuff on down the road...[/size]
  6. $40 shipped for Joytron.
  7. Judy Oma

    "smoke Smell" Compromise

    For the record, Indian food smells awesome. I agree with the above, for years I smoked hookah with people who only smoked outside. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke in my house to this day - but hookah vapor is different, and as long as you dont majorly scorch the bowl it is fundamentally different from cigarette smoke. I just finished washing walls in our "hookah room" - we've smoked in there constantly for 6 years. There was very little if any residue on the walls, I couldn't believe it. Sadly, the sun porch, where cigarette smoking is restricted to, was extremely disgusting --- and those walls get cleaned every year or so.
  8. Judy Oma

    Tray Rest Bent

    *snort* haha - I was going to suggest that you set it back up tonite in the oposite direction then knock it over again. Believe it or not, this sometimes works to fix a bent tray. Stuie's suggestion is prob better, tho.
  9. Judy Oma

    Elmas And Techniques

    Unglazed clay bowls for the win! I will try the "turkish pack", but honestly Elmas bowls, unglazed clay in general, seem very forgiving. Oh and hi, Bawhee. I have missed thee.
  10. Here is some of the "misc", I exceeded the allowed number of images previously. [b]Turkish hose, $45 shipped.[/b] Very hefty, beautiful colors. No ghosting, love it but dont use it [IMG]http://i1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg570/Judy_Oma/My%20Hookah%20Collection/turkhose.jpg[/IMG] Here it is again, a little right of center, you can see the colors better. [IMG]http://i1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg570/Judy_Oma/My%20Hookah%20Collection/IMG_20120409_1843012.jpg[/IMG] [b]Small Tang Phunnel, excellent condition, $15 + shipping.[/b] Sorry, the little guy on the right is spoken for, somebody had pre-posting privilege [IMG]http://i1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg570/Judy_Oma/My%20Hookah%20Collection/IMG_20120325_151448_2.jpg[/IMG]
  11. Moving day is fast approaching, and I've lost my hookah room and display space for 14 hookahs - which is not entirely a bad thing, as my loss = your gain Shipping on stem+base is about $15 and is INCLUDED in the price. I can provide measurements on request but have tried to give a good idea of scale. OVERVIEW: [img]http://i1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg570/Judy_Oma/My%20Hookah%20Collection/IMG_20120418_1549572.jpg[/img] From left, hookahs #4, 5 and 6 are for sale, but the brass stem on #4 comes with the KM base pictured on the 3rd hookah. (Stem #3, the KM Temple, and the boho on #4 are not for sale [i]at this time[/i]) CLOSEUPS: [b]#4 (stem + KM base), syrian brass, $70 shipped[/b] [img]http://i1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg570/Judy_Oma/My%20Hookah%20Collection/IMG_20120418_1815392-1.jpg[/img] [img]http://i1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg570/Judy_Oma/My%20Hookah%20Collection/IMG_20120418_1815592.jpg[/img] LOVE the rose brass accents on this one [img]http://i1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg570/Judy_Oma/My%20Hookah%20Collection/IMG_20120418_1816572.jpg[/img] Tray close up [b]#3 syrian brass, tall, $75 shipped[/b] [img]http://i1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg570/Judy_Oma/My%20Hookah%20Collection/IMG_20120424_1650412.jpg[/img] Looks kinda dull in the pics but the brass finish is actually lovely. Here's 2 and 3 together: [img]http://i1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg570/Judy_Oma/My%20Hookah%20Collection/IMG_20120418_1811192.jpg[/img] [b]#4 KM Kuwait Tower/Fifa (but heavier) $100 shipped obo[/b] - really don't know what this is, purchased early 2012. The blue base is positively massive. [img]http://i1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg570/Judy_Oma/My%20Hookah%20Collection/IMG_20120405_173507.jpg[/img] When smoke is swirling around in the base, it looks like the horses are running. Or maybe it was the gin rocks, anyhow try it ... [b]My favorite Egermann, $100 shipped obo [/b] I gave the brass stem away as a gift, now it is lonesome. Opening, 1 5/8". Apologies, I may have misspelled Egermann. [img]http://i1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg570/Judy_Oma/BOHOS/IMG_20120329_120640.jpg[/img] For scale: [img]http://i1244.photobucket.com/albums/gg570/Judy_Oma/My%20Hookah%20Collection/IMG_20120405_173900.jpg[/img] I am moving/packing this week, but will ship with tracking, within 48hrs of pmt or refund your shipping charge. Thanks everyone! PM with questions, or email me at jhumphrey808@gmail.com. XOXOXOXOXO
  12. What hose are you using, and how old is it? I have experienced flavor issues when using an old hose that is ghosted with other flavors, somehow the mix of flavors seem to cancel each other out.
  13. [quote name='Floataround' timestamp='1338823589' post='548567'] Excited to see it judy! Any Turkish stuff? (null) [/quote] Haha nope - well hoses and a bowl or two. Keeping a Narwas, and picking up a Turkish stem at a later time - as for what stays and what goes, not certain yet
  14. [quote name='insidius' timestamp='1338815610' post='548560'] [quote name='Judy Oma' timestamp='1338771399' post='548533'] [quote name='jorlyfish' timestamp='1338699030' post='548503'] Not really a collector, I move too often and have too many other expensive hobbies to have a bunch of pipes around. Still diggin' my KM trimetal which I've had a little over a year now. Need to make a new order soon, want to try out some more Birquq flavors and maybe Mizo Lychee. [/quote] I'm with you here, or at least I was until earlier this year when I unexpectedly went bat-shit crazy and ended up with 9 rigs, a slew of bowls and 15 or so hoses. I know thats nothing for alot of you, but for a somewhat transient non-collector it is crazysauce. Especially now that I'm having to pack it all and put it in storage. If and when I get settled, a fire sale will be announced [/quote] And here I am with no hookah whatsoever to speak of [/quote] We can fix that! Should be moved and settled in within a couple of weeks - everything is packed and in storage atm. Feel free to msg me if you'd like so that I don't forget and I'm sure we can work something out Will try to post some pics of the collection here as soon as I can.
  15. A google search is a good bet - thickness of the tubing wall varies too.