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  1. Welcome to Hookah Forum! Thanks for joining us :) Please be sure to read our Forum Rules located here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/45-forum-rules/ You may also formally introduce yourself in our Introduction thread here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/7-introductions/ Thanks and haMFy posting!

  2. anyone used either of these coals? the fantasia ones claim you never have to ash them, but in my experience they work better if you DO ash them. the have the "V" cutout that supposedly allows perfect airflow. i have a small mod bowl that came with my hookah. and 2 of the coals on my bowl get it burning too hot, and 1 coal isnt enough. jewel coals are the big quickies. they do the job, but they dont seem to last as long as id like. and with my small bowl, only one of them fits. my biggest weakness with hookah is coals/heat management
  3. ¤Tyler¤

    Base Just Cracked... :(

    sounds like it should work. let us know how it holds up next time you smoke!
  4. ¤Tyler¤

    Base Just Cracked... :(

    [quote name='absalom' timestamp='1323289013' post='532071'] [quote name='¤Tyler¤' timestamp='1323283164' post='532045'] and also, it expands, which could spread your crack. [/quote] out of context, this could be taken a variety of ways... [/quote] AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! im seriously crying a little.
  5. ¤Tyler¤

    Base Just Cracked... :(

    [quote name='Bawhee' timestamp='1323290370' post='532079'] maybe cake could be used cake to seal up the vase [/quote] worth a shot xD
  6. ¤Tyler¤

    Base Just Cracked... :(

    [quote name='Bawhee' timestamp='1323289095' post='532072'] your glue layers made me think of shrek (ogres are like onions), I like that film so that put me in a good mood I hope the glue does the trick for you and you can use your vase again soon! [/quote] "what about cake? cakes have layers!" bahahahaha!!!
  7. ¤Tyler¤

    Base Just Cracked... :(

    [quote name='mustang67n' timestamp='1323287834' post='532065'] I'm the same way.. i'll add a second round after this dries.. taking a long time to dry around the crack itself though.. the other areas dried really fast.. weird [/quote] must have something to do with it filling in the crack, that why its taking longer. as long as its doing its job though!
  8. ¤Tyler¤

    Base Just Cracked... :(

    [quote name='mustang67n' timestamp='1323283316' post='532046'] well, regular gorilla glue expands.. this is gorilla super glue.. The rep said it won't expand and that it actually is activated with water! pretty cool sounding stuff either way.. the glue is already on the base.. just waiting for drying [/quote] well i hope it works! and if i were you, id think about adding a second application of the glue. cover a bigger/wider area around the crack. so your basically sealing the seal. haha i just like to go overboard when fixing things.
  9. i know everyone has their preferred method to packing a bowl. and im curious to see the differences in how you all do it. what im thinking, is everyone makes a short video of themselves packing a bowl. and explaining all the little details, or tips/tricks if they have any. ive heard lots of different bowl packing techniques. lets get a collection of, bowl packing tutorial videos. not only would if be interesting to see how everyone else packs their bowl, but it could be a great guide to people still learning, or people that get a different type of bowl and wanna find the best ways to pack it. ill get a video up as soon as i can. it might be a few days (as im currently moving) but in the mean time, lets see if we can get a few other videos of. happy smoking!
  10. ¤Tyler¤

    Base Just Cracked... :(

    [quote name='mustang67n' timestamp='1323279846' post='532030'] good call tyler.. The windshield resin would work.. but needs pressure in order to fill the crack.. after calling gorilla glue, the rep told me that gorilla super glue (which i already have) is designed to fill into cracks on it's own. They also say that although it's not water"proof" that it is water resistant and they say It shouldnt have any problems sealing the crack from the outside once fully cured.. If this doesn't work.. i guess i'm stuck with the QT untill i can score a new base.. lol [/quote] i have used that gorilla glue that fills cracks, but it doesnt seem to me like it would be very water tight. and also, (if we are talking about the same glue) it expands, which could spread your crack. this is what i would try. clean the bottom of the base where the crack is. let it dry. cover the crack with resign. let it harden. be VERY careful with if after that also, you could try an epoxy. its alot like resin, and probably a little easier. probably cheaper too
  11. ¤Tyler¤

    Base Liquids

    too each his own i guess
  12. wow, i was really fucking all those words up. still cant say them completely correctly though. but thanks for the vid! now at least i know i sound liek a dumbass when i try to say them haha ;D
  13. ¤Tyler¤

    Various Hookah Questions

    well, heres how i do it. after every smoking session- rinse the base with hot water 2-3 times, then fill it with hot water, and let it sit while i clean the rest of the hookah run some hot water through the stem, then use a cleaning brush get some hot water into the hose, shake it around, then blow it out. (when im using my Nammor hose, i just give it 2 rinses, my other little "stock" hoses take 4 or 5 rinses) soak my bowl in hot water, then rub it with my finger to clean off any shisha juice that stuck to the sides of the bowl. about once a month my hookah gets a 'heavy clean' i boil the bowl, down stem, ball bearings, and the metal pieces that the hoes plug into. (they tend to get a little buildup of crap) boil them for 5-10 minutes. rinse the base with hot water 5 times, then add a little soap and a cleaning brush, then rinse with hot water about 10 times (to make sure you get the soap out) the hoses just get a ton of hot water rinses. and i even fill them up with hot water, and set them in the sink. it breaks down anything that gets really stuck to the walls of the hose
  14. just smoking outside wont hurt anything, just as long as you store your shisha inside! dont leave it in the cold!! it weakens the flavor. i learned that the hard way.
  15. ¤Tyler¤

    Shisha + Cold = Bad

    [quote name='Bawhee' timestamp='1323269560' post='531992'] unless if youre a necrophiliac? [/quote] this lol