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  1. Lets Count To A Million

  2. Lets Count To A Million

  3. Planning Ze Honeymoon

    NYC is loads of fun. June should be a good time of year to visit as well - hopefully not too hot! just plan to use the subway, take a taxi from/to airport, and you'll be good!
  4. Lets Count To A Million

  5. What Weird Things Have You Done?

    I think the weirdest thing I've done is go to Texas. I'm gonna try and not do that again.
  6. Anyone Carry A Pistol?

    I have a valid conceal carry permit for NC, but it's not recognized in MN. but I've only got one handgun at this time, a Sig P226, which for me is a little too large for carrying anyway. I really want a Kimber ultra carry; nice size and a great little gun to shoot.
  7. [quote name='Skoozle' timestamp='1328223541' post='537640'] After editing, the old dude was mad that all the work they did produced a video that was less than 3 minutes long. Then he sent the assistant out to get more footage. I think the outside shots were more scientifically relevant than the first part. [/quote] lol. totally. good thing is, with videos like these, hookah bars should have little to worry about...
  8. Lets Count To A Million

  9. what is interesting is that this video spouts off a bunch of random ideas, but none of them are supported by any factual evidence, indeed they even say 'some tests show...' and a test can be made to show just about anything if you do it a certain way. I agree though...the lovely montage of images showing plant-obscured signs of the medical school at UCSD is really nice. adds a nice heap of shit on an already useless video.
  10. Lets Count To A Million

  11. Ok, I Just Gotta....

    so is his account now deleted? I tried searching for it, as I wanted to read some previous posts to try and understand better the brilliance of LetsGoRangers. so sad to lose people to rabid stupidity. I think many are born with it, but it doesn't always show up right away...
  12. Lets Count To A Million

  13. Lets Count To A Million

  14. Hard Case For My Km

    [quote name='Stuie' timestamp='1327424895' post='536530'] Pelican cases are amazing... it's just they are expensive! But they do make about every size you could ever want. [/quote] I just liked the idea you can pack it up and shoot it with a 12 gauge...
  15. Get Motivated...