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  1. noahsj2011

    Help Me Identify This!

    Yeah of course! I will post it up here!
  2. noahsj2011

    Help Me Identify This!

    I got the supposed KM for $70, it smokes very very well and regardless of if it is a KM or not the quality of the stem is a lot better than my old KM Black Pear in which the seal was wearing off and pieces were moving and juice would drip throughout the stem.
  3. noahsj2011

    Help Me Identify This!

    What would the worth of these be since they are older and the km one doesn't have lotus flowers on the tray rest it has writing though did the old km's have that?
  4. noahsj2011

    Help Me Identify This!

    would it be worth it for me to go pick up the old km for $80?
  5. noahsj2011

    Help Me Identify This!

    Thanks guys! and as for "them" here is a picture of the other two hookahs he has he really doesnt know anything about them let alone their worth so it was easy for me to talk him down but here you go! I talked to Pavo and he said that he didnt like the hose port on the egyptian and I agree it looked kind of dented and I'm not sure if that is just natural or if it was not a quality pipe.
  6. noahsj2011

    Help Me Identify This!

    My friend and I got this at the local shop and the owner knew nothing about them but i knew this was old and a syrian.... apparantly they dont make this style anymore and i know its a narwas and ideas on the model name? we got it for $80 with the leather hose for free! and any info on where to get vases?
  7. noahsj2011

    Southern California Smokers So-cal

  8. noahsj2011


    Might be interested in the Turkish pipe if I can get $50 tomorrow! Pm me!
  9. noahsj2011

    My New Km

    I love this! haha used everything here except the new one oh well! only 5 more days till I can test out your new one lol
  10. I was gonna be surprised if coleman wasnt grounded for being dropped off at 5 and not telling his mom he was at a hookah lounge haha
  11. noahsj2011

    Tangiers Party Recap

    I agree with pavo! it was a ton of fun!
  12. noahsj2011

    My New Km

    I love it!
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  14. noahsj2011

    New Toy...km Quad Metal Double Heart

    That looks so awesome!