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  1. gramps

    President Obama

    [quote name='Stuie' timestamp='1352265271' post='560178'] Man the shit Obama is inheriting from the last term is gonna suck to be him! [/quote] I wonder who he is going to blame for things being bad now. Watch carefully over the next few months to learn how the world actually works or, in our case, doesn't work. Well, the republic was great while it lasted. See you folks in about four years!
  2. gramps

    Pres Debate

    [size=4][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif][color=#000000]But it's all Obmaa's fault............ [/color][/font][/size] [size=4][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif][color=#000000]Yep. After being shut out of the debate and process of passing the ACA, I don't blame them for never cooperating with his highness. It takes two to tango, and his highness doesn't compromise either.[/color][/font][/size]
  3. gramps

    Halloween 2012!

    Who needs a costume? I scare people year round.
  4. gramps

    Voter ID Laws

    Is it too much to ask that anybody who votes in this country be a legal citizen and eligible to vote? Think very carefully about what you're saying when you advocate that anybody who is in this country should vote regardless.
  5. gramps

    Pres Debate

    Just don't say we didn't warn you. I hope to be able to say, "I told you so." You're a "true believer", so no amount of evidence will change your mind (until it's too late).
  6. gramps

    So I Have To Ask..........

    My boss is quite normal most of the time, but he can be an idiot on occasion. He's not very good at math even though he's a very successful businessman. I've seen him add 100 + 150 on an adding machine. Oh, and if you go back to the mid-1800's, we're related.
  7. gramps

    I'm Just Gonna Leave This Here For You All

    I like banana ketchup. Try it some time.
  8. gramps

    I'm Just Gonna Leave This Here For You All

    AF should make a ketchup flavor. Maybe then it would taste like grape? Ketchup isn't quite accurate. More like ruined ketchup.
  9. gramps

    The False Democracy

    As if Obama isn't also a habitual liar?
  10. gramps

    Pres Debate

    Oh, my! The denial is flowing fast and furious ( to borrow a phrase ) around here.
  11. gramps

    Univision Report

    The operation under Bush was called "Wide Receiver" and ended (October of 2007) before Obama took office. During Wide Receiver the Mexican government was notified each time a gun was crossing the border, the guns were tracked and arrests were made (over 1000). No lives were lost. Fast and Furious was an effort to build a case against American gun dealers and the Second Amendment. Didn't achieve that goal, but plenty of people paid with their lives. If the drug cartels can buy fully automatic weapons, shoulder-fired missiles, planes, helicopters, and submarines, they don't need our semiautomatic rifles.
  12. Hey, I'm actually 21 years old. My photo just makes me look older.
  13. gramps

    Ios 6, I Hate It!

    Just making sure because competition and capitalism go hand in hand. I do worry about all of you sometimes.
  14. gramps

    Ios 6, I Hate It!

    Oh, so you do indeed embrace the concept of competition! There's hope for you after all.
  15. gramps

    Religion And Starvation

    I'm glad I'm my own Pope.