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  1. Sun_Shine_Dan

    Info On Soguk?

    So after a bit of use I'd generally say stick with the Namor. The weight and rubber attachment are just too much hassle. I really enjoy the extent to which it cools (some flavors lose a lot and some gain a ton). Currently doing kiwi and it is amazing, but overall not worth the hassle. One exception to this is if you a rough person. It is extremely sturdy and nigh unbreakable. A friend accidently busted open my Namor tip and while I did click it back together it is a bit fragile now, so if you break things a bunch this would probably be the way to go.
  2. Sun_Shine_Dan

    Info On Soguk?

    [quote name='Rambo' timestamp='1335235634' post='545738'] The soguk is based out of st. Louis and the lounge I work at was the first to introduce them. If you got the small one it cools for about an hour and a half and does a damn good job of it. The issue I have is the rubber adapters get stretched out making it fall off the hose so be careful with that. I would reccomend it though. [/quote] Cool. I have two namor hoses and and and mystique ice tip, so I'll just leave the rubber adapter permanently on one of my normaly tips.
  3. I just got in my newest order today of hookah equipments! Among them is the Soguk cooling attachment. I love my mystique ice attachment, and the soguk looks super promising (and is super heavy). I couldn't find any reviews for it, but after I finish up a paper tonight I am going to test it out (it freezes as I type!) So if anyone has any experiences please tell! Or any questions please ask!
  4. Sun_Shine_Dan

    Alabama Al Smokers.

    Huntsville, Al
  5. Sun_Shine_Dan

    How To Pack A Vortex

    I was looking for how to pack a vortex. Any tips?
  6. So I took advantage of the deal they had on shisha hookah (the back to school thing that is over) and it all just came in. And I now have (hopefully) a new primary hookah in the form of the Namor Cleopatra. The questions I have deal with the SWEET FREE GEAR I got and am excited to try out: Vortex Hookah Bowl Mystique Hookah Ice Hose Tip I use natural coconut coals so heating is fine and I have a wide variety of shishas. I have a BUNCH of tangiers but I am holding out til I get a phunnel next check. Or does the vortex work well with it? Also can someone point me to a "How to use a vortex" I couldn't find one from searching. Thanks!
  7. Sun_Shine_Dan

    Just Got My Tangiers In...

    Well I opened it open and it def. did not look burned, the coconut rectangles I use burn pretty low. I'll probably just get the other version phunnel until a tangiers pops up. Thanks all.
  8. Sun_Shine_Dan

    Just Got My Tangiers In...

    Using Lemon Blossom. Smelled really floral after I let it air out for about 1 hour. Not a bunch of smoke. The harshness is... different really feeling it in the back of my throat. Buzz is still strong though the smoke is so thin.
  9. Sun_Shine_Dan

    Just Got My Tangiers In...

    Smoking is now happening. Crazy buzz. Kinda sorta too harsh. Still crazy buzz.
  10. Sun_Shine_Dan

    Just Got My Tangiers In...

    Going for it tonight, but def. ordering a tangiers phunnel on Wed. I smoke with my gf a lot(2 of us) and with another couple a decent bit (4 of us). Occasionally we have parties with 5+ but we normally have another hookah then. Bowl size recommended for 2-4 people? Any specific bowl if I am going to go Tangiers?
  11. Just got my Tangiers in with three 250s. I am planning to smoke my Lemon Blossom and wanted to make sure that I did everything right to maximize the fun. I have a few different bowls, but they are all mod or Egyptian. Anyhow I see the parts about letting it air out, but the packing the bowl part concerns me. Is it really in the bowl the same way as the package, because that seems pretty tight. Do I still stab a ton of deep holes for ventilation? I normally go 2 coconut coals to heat my bowl, does that sound about right? Also this is a two-person smoking session so recommended amount? Lastly I got an air tight container for the Tangiers since the bag locks unsealable, that should work for storage right?
  12. Welcome to Hookah Forum! Thanks for joining us :) Please be sure to read our Forum Rules located here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/45-forum-rules/ You may also formally introduce yourself in our Introduction thread here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/7-introductions/ Thanks and haMFy posting!

  13. Sun_Shine_Dan

    Hey There Fellow Smokers!

    [size=3][color=#000000]Also I am wondering how you guys would advise packing my [b]Standard Mya Saray Bowl? I have been having problems getting it to smoke right.[/b][/color][/size]
  14. Sun_Shine_Dan

    Hey There Fellow Smokers!

    I just joined up to talk about smoking and to get advice on how to use my new hookah! Cheers!