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  1. Selling all my vape stuff...

    sad to see you leave vaping behind, especially with you already being out of hookah
  2. Hood Check (show off your builds)

    http://imgur.com/Cb5IXLQ new build with 30 gauge twisted nickel. Comes in at .14 ohms and its actually pretty fantastic. I've been running it at 40 joules and set to 400F
  3. Hood Check (show off your builds)

    How is it?! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk ​
  4. Hood Check (show off your builds)

    first try at a temp control build with dual 30 gauge coils http://imgur.com/erUGDsH
  5. Hood Check (show off your builds)

    ​Sorry still suck at pictures http://imgur.com/3wPfFXM freakshow rda with dual 22 gauge macro coils sitting at .22 ohms http://imgur.com/ZX1ylKB Mutation x v4 rda with dual 22 gauge macro coils sitting at .27 ohms
  6. Hood Check (show off your builds)

    http://imgur.com/ZX1 .22 ohm build with 22 guage kanthal in my freakshow rda http://imgur.com/ZX1 .27 ohm build with 22 guage kanthal in my mutation x v4
  7. So my good friend does so over the top builds...

    That thing looks insane! Like is the vape worth the effort
  8. Mutation x v4

    I feel like the little polycarbonate extender really helps for heat dissipation. I feel like I get strong flavor still even with it attached
  9. What Are You Vaping Right Now?

    Tonight I've got ethos vapors - Zeus it's a blueberry Danish with just a touch of vanilla cream. Super tasty. Excellent fresh blueberry flavor
  10. Mutation x v4

    that subox looks really nice in black!!! Yeah I've been interested in trying the temp control and it was on sale for $75 at my local shop so i figured i would give it a go. I have to pick up some nickel to try it out for temp control but i primarily got it just so that I have a mod that will last me longer throughout the day with out having to change batteries constantly.
  11. Mutation x v4

    i honestly have no idea how to post images on here so hopefully this works. I just picked up an IPV4 so im excited to try it on that. I've been running it on a Slojo celtic mod clone. I have a twisted 24 guage dual macro coil in it now and its running around 0.2 ohms. http://imgur.com/a/diLQ2
  12. Mutation x v4

    I just picked up the mutation x v4 at my local vape store and its pretty insane. vapor production is phenomenal, flavor is solid when its opened up, and even better when it is closed off a bit. I am super impressed with the atty and all the extra goodies it comes with for only $40 and I'm sure its a bit less online
  13. I won Vape Wild's Pre-Steeped Line on FB!

  14. Custom Juice...

    you will have to keep us updated on how it turns out!
  15. What Are You Vaping Right Now?

    Rippin Vapors - Pink Hope It's a super tasty raspberry lemonade. On a tobh clone with 24 gauge dual macro coils