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  1. Sex is not the answer, sex is the question. The answer is "YES."

  2. Sex is not the answer, sex is the question. The answer is "YES."

  3. [quote name='Coyote' timestamp='1316794646' post='524911'] [quote name='Tyler' timestamp='1272750110' post='466303'] thats insense. i dunno, i never even thought about using my teeth to hold the hooah. [/quote] this made me giggle. [quote name='codpet' timestamp='1272750566' post='466304'] [quote name='Tyler' date='01 May 2010 - 05:41 PM' timestamp='1272750110' post='466303'] thats insense. i dunno, i never even thought about using my teeth to hold the hooah. the good thing about the glass tips and washable hoses, their handles are usually long enough to prop them up against your body/lap while on the computer. as far as the teeth thing, i personally never put the tip any further in my mouth than about half way on my bottom lip.... [/quote] Maybe it's a Jacksonville thing. I go to the hookah bar here all the time and see people holding the hoses with their teeth. They are made of wood, so people bite down on them. [/quote] I just wanted to put my two cents in here. I can't get a glass tip because I'm afraid I will bust my teeth. This is the same reason that I took Car Bombs by pouring in instead of dropping in. I also do the bite and hold thing with the hose. At the lounges those plastic tips end up completely chewed up because I will just sit there with the hose in my mouth chewing away (this is probably a habit formed out of chewing on plastic straws all day eerday at work). [/quote] Must...not....
  4. The Pakistani's have known where he was, something changed to make it not worth them protecting him. So now we are going to have a HIGHER threat level with people thinking about the "plan" if he is killed, instead of the lower threat level because the Government no longer has this particular Boogie Man to wave in our faces? There go a few more of our basic civil rights in the name of "security."
  5. They work pretty well. One Icicle lasts about 20 minutes. The smoke is noticeably cooler and the handle acts as an expansion chamber as well. you can apparently alos buy 6 packs of the icicles for 10 bucks for longer smokes.
  6. Well, they make a non-tobacco shisha called Teasha that uses tea leaves. I guess as long as you process them properly you should be ok.
  7. What? And break the illusion of elitism?
  8. Wouldn't the main difference be a bowl with holes in the bottom vs big hole in the center. How the air is circulating and where the juices go would be the two main differences I would say. I my opinion (never tried a vortex but I have used phunnels) would be that anything that keeps your juices from running out of the bottom of the bowl would give a longer smoke. I have never found a tobacco that couldn't be smoked out of a specific type of bowl. Its all packing and heat. I know Mushrat Smokes Tangiers out of a Mya Standard Bowl with no problems.
  9. I would say if you smell melting plastic you will know that Scotch Tape wasn't a great idea on something that could heat up.
  10. Al Waha is definitely UNwashed. I consider it slightly better than Nakhla in quality. The melon isn't bad. There were a few other flavors that were smokable as well. Hookah Hookah claims to be unwashed, and it is disgusting. There may be something in the way your local place sets up their heads that is giving you the buzz, not the tobacco.
  11. Anyone know how to find SB for sale in the UK? I know it can be ordered online but I was thinking more of a local source. Thanks.
  12. JM Raspberry This stuff was finely chopped. Not as fine as Al Amir but small pieces. Too much juice, if there can be such a thing. This stuff was swimming in liquid. Smelled like raspberry candy with a floral overtone. Since it is unwashed I let it acclimate before smoking it. Tasted like ok raspberry candy but had this awful chalky taste/feel and a taste I couldn't identify that lingers in the back of your throat. After half an hour or so the flavor diminished rapidly leaving that same chalky sensation and taste even stronger. Me and my friends quit after that happened. I think they were aiming for an unwashed competition to StarBuzz, but they failed I'm afraid.
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