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  1. Welcome to Hookah Forum! Thanks for joining us :) Please be sure to read our Forum Rules located here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/45-forum-rules/ You may also formally introduce yourself in our Introduction thread here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/7-introductions/ Thanks and haMFy posting!

  2. Hello All!

    Lucky me we just had a walgreen's open up so they're doing a grand opening sale!
  3. Hello All!

    There all set should be in on Wensday Thursday the latest. My only problem now would be trying to get the coals going as I don't have a gas stove or a torch lighter....
  4. Hello All!

    Ugh I'm not even sure how to mail order. I wish I could use MF it'd be far easier!!!
  5. Hello All!

    [quote name='mushrat' timestamp='1320237887' post='529917'] i have a better idea, take your cash, get a pre-paid credit card at the store, use it on ANY web site you want. [/quote] See that's my problem. I tried to get one of those once. But for some odd reason I was denied from being able to fully access it.
  6. Hello All!

    And now i just need some advice on coals...
  7. Hello All!

    [quote name='mustang67n' timestamp='1320180789' post='529799'] [url="http://www.hookah-shisha.com/c-16-small-mya-hookahs-mini-hookahs.html"]http://www.hookah-sh...ni-hookahs.html[/url] IDK if they accept that, but that's what they look like. all of the shops that carry hookahs here have at least the QTs. They shouldn't be too difficult to find locally. if not, some searching should be able to find you somewhere that accepts [/quote]Ah no they do mzil order even better! But now I wonder why I freaked out when I didn't see MF as a payment method at all.....
  8. Hello All!

    Also *epic facepalm* I just realized the shop I originally found took money orders so I'm good on that. Now it's just a matter of brands and flavors!
  9. Hello All!

    [quote name='mustang67n' timestamp='1320179733' post='529794'] for 40 or 50 you'd be better off getting a mya QT or bambino. i've never heard good about pumpkins here and I think of most of these members as a pretty decent authority on quality. the Qt's are small and easy to clean. excelent quality and will last forever. amazing clouds too. [/quote]Mind pointing me in the direction of where I can get one? Again my options are limited I can either take a three hour one way drive to a store that MIGHT have some or try to find someone online who accepts MF.
  10. Hello All!

    [quote name='mustang67n' timestamp='1320176807' post='529784'] right on! what are you wanting? [/quote] Since I have a rather small apartment and want something rather simple. I'd been looking at those few eight inch pumpkin hookahs that run from $40-50. I've heard some good things about those. As for my search i have found a lot of smokeshops but only one seems to even mention hookah and it's a fair distance away. I've found one site from her that'll sell a hookah starter kit and accepts MF which for me really seems to be my best option so far.
  11. Hello All!

    [quote name='mustang67n' timestamp='1320176044' post='529780'] First of all, welcome to HF! secondly, I'm no-where near Rhode Island and I've never been either, however, I'd try a google search of smoke shops in your area. I did one just now and came up with hundreds of hits in Rhode Island. Try that, most smoke shops carry shisha as well as herbal shisha. As far as what Hookah pipe to purchase, I'd do a little research around before spending the money on one. Many people here suggest the Mya Qts and Mya Bambinos. they're great pipes and will last a long while. The QT's normally run between 40 and 60 dollars depending on where you find them. IDK about the Bambinos There's innumerable great pipes out there, see what your local shops have, ask what brands they are etc. do some research here on the forum, lots of GREAT info just waiting to be read and absorbed. happy hunting, and again, welcome to the great Hookah Forum [/quote] Thank you very much and I'll take your advice. I actually already know what sort of hookah I have in mind just need a way to buy it.
  12. Hello All!

    [quote name='Fouda1122gbf' timestamp='1320175688' post='529777'] you won't stuck to herbal shisha long haha don't limit yourself to just one brand because you won't experince anything new especially not tangiers But anyways welcome to the forum [/quote]By that i mean more along the lines of tobacco free shisha but I will eventually start cutting with tobacco though I never see myself doing just straight tobacco Shisha unless someone talks me into it down the line
  13. Hello All!

    Hi all I'm new to the whole hookah thing having only done it once and very recently. I loved the experience and went straight to saving my pennies and whatever phrase you'd like to get one of my own. Unfortunately for the only payment methods available to me are either in person or via MF. If there is anyone local on this site that can tell me a good shop or anyone at all who knows of shop that excepts MF or similar third party payment companies I'd be very much obliged! P.S. I plan to stick to herbal shisha for the most part so if that could be taken into consideration I'd be much obliged!