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  1. Welcome to Hookah Forum! Thanks for joining us :) Please be sure to read our Forum Rules located here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/45-forum-rules/ You may also formally introduce yourself in our Introduction thread here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/7-introductions/ Thanks and haMFy posting!

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    Cheap Dragon

    [quote name='atalanta' timestamp='1320382588' post='530219'] I like the base. I'd say, when the stem poops out on you, you can get a better stem elsewhere and still use the cool dragon base. I was sorely tempted by some like that around here (a handle I used to go by was "dragon"), but I ended up going straight for a Mya (no regrets, love love LOVE it). I may get a cheap one with a cool base someday JUST for the base and put a better stem on it. I say, use it until the stem gets gross and then get a new stem. Hobo Hookah is basically JUST stems and I hear they're awesome at what they do. (i'm painting a couple I dream of Jeanie bottles and am thinking about putting hobo hookah stems on them to sell as hookahs) [/quote]hmm that actually does seem like too bad of an idea either. i may just by a new stem since it will be cheaper. I guess it just all depends on my financial situation at the time. I'll probably be broke though as my money is always burning a hole in my pocket XD. Good luck with the painted bottles though. If you ever get around to taking a picture or two when you finish some of them maybe ill buy one form you myself.
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    New York Smokers Ny

    staten island
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    Cheap Dragon

    [quote name='herbalsmoke' timestamp='1320328959' post='530087'] i actually had the exact same hookah and i washed it after every use and it lasted me quite some time. but i did end up selling that hookah and upgrading to a km which is way better. [/quote]i actually wash it after every use myself and it has lasted me for quite a bit believe it or not. i do intend to upgrade to a new hookah before next year though. waaaaay before if at all possible.
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    Cheap Dragon

    [quote name='A13lackFish' timestamp='1320255110' post='529986'] How appropriate that you got that with that expensive Busch Light can in the background. [/quote]there was a party the night before BYOB so defiantly not mine. i appreciate the the comment though general sarcasm.
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    Cheap Dragon

    [quote name='S3cretz' timestamp='1320236841' post='529912'] Its gonna rust up a bit. Screw off the hose ports and oil the ball bearings with vegetable oil and put them back. That should stop it from rusting there atleast. [/quote]thanks for the tip ill do just that.
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    Cheap Dragon

    [img]http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb18/krazayshadow/2010-09-05183207.jpg[/img] this is a cheap hookah i picked up for around 30 bucks at a head shop. i am upgrading certain components of it but its my first model hookah and i have no idea what type it even is XD
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    Hello There

    Just dropping in to say a few words. I am fresh meat when it comes to hookah. I have been to a hookah lounge a handful of times. I own semi medium sized hookah for a few months now. Asie from that just looking for a few buddies that are willing to share some hookah knowledge. This place seems to be full of intelligent and insightful people so hopefully everything goes well.