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  1. The vape store I am getting my vapor kit from sell those. The owner actually gave me one I am actually enjoying it now. It has a lovely taste.
  2. SpiritWolf

    Vaping Is Fun

    Try a non nicotine e juice. I think it might stay due to people wanting to get away from smoking cigs. Who makes your e juice
  3. SpiritWolf

    What Did I Miss?

    I am running around the forum naked.... DON'T LOOK ETHEL!!!
  4. SpiritWolf

    The Gun Show Thread

    You could always go fot the baseball bat or machete. With a baseball bat you can beat them to death. With a machete you can hack em to pieces. Then think outside the box by putting them in a box and burring them alive. If you want to hear them scream you can place a pvc pipe in the box that gives them fresh air...... oops did I go to far with that one.
  5. SpiritWolf

    Vaping Is Fun

    I found a vapor store here in Ardmore. I was shocked when I found I enjoyed it better than smoking my hookah. I found myself looking and trying some different vaping juices. It was a friendly wonderful experience. I bought one and am loving my vaping even if I have started just today...
  6. I might go back to a console one day but not for a while.
  7. I decided to go strait pc vs. Game console because I am getting tired of instead being able to upgrade you got to buy a whole new system. That and most games you can also buy for a pc. That and pc has more games than a console.
  8. SpiritWolf

    Chreees's Collection Thread

    If I ever left Oklahoma to go somewhere outside Texas and Kansas I would love to head to California just to go to Eric's lounge to smoke some tangiers.
  9. SpiritWolf

    The Gun Show Thread

    For basic I am gonna recomend a 38 small caliber small but effective. Now if you want to knock their dick in the dirt a 45 will do nicely.
  10. SpiritWolf

    Hookah In Movies, TV, and Video Games

    Man I need to start looking and reading more.
  11. SpiritWolf

    Hookah In Movies, TV, and Video Games

    I am lazy and hate looking for older posts... Easier to post a new thred... lol
  12. SpiritWolf

    The Gun Show Thread

    In that case go with a 45. That or you can buy a lower grain round. Quick fix i use for my guns with a high velosity potential.
  13. SpiritWolf

    It's That Time Of Year...

    I HATE PUMPKINS... lol
  14. SpiritWolf

    Sex Or Hookah?

    I Don't do sex I make love... but I enjoy my hookah. Sex is over rated but will be there forever.
  15. SpiritWolf

    The Gun Show Thread

    For home protection might I suggest a sigomple shotgun... for pistols I suggest 9mm, 38, or a 40. If you want to knock a hole in them a 45 will do the trick. As for hunting if legal to hunt in your state with one use a cross bow. If you have an honest gun dealer they can suggest hunting rifles for what you hunting.og