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  1. Moki


    Finale was pretty amazing, season 4 finale was more shocking for me, though. But this will turn out funny.
  2. Moki

    Best Cola Flavor

    I think that Tangiers would win even if they taste like &@%!, since they have quite a fanclub here. At least that's why my feeling is. I've had just Nakhla and it was pretty good, but I can't really vote with single experience. But I dig it.
  3. Moki

    Skyrim, The One & Only Game Of The Year

    Good stuff, playing high elf mage. So far I'm about an hour into it and it's awesome.
  4. Moki

    Lets Have Fun! Cod Mw3 Vs. Bf3?

    All those Youtube butthurt kids make me sad. Everyone is bitching about PC vs. consoles, BF3 vs. CoD, WoW vs. GW2, blah blah blah. If I like MW, what's the problem, do I hurt someone? Same goes for BF, obviously. /ragequit PS: Talking about rest of Internet, not HF, obviously. Well, for now.
  5. I would say that it's way easier to get tobacco in Egypt than in USA, but who am I to judge And since Tangiers is USA based, as far as I know, it's probably just a coincidence. Hopefully my dad will get me some, I heard it's mostly black tobacco which I ain't no fun of.
  6. Anyone knows? Is it as easy to get tobacco there as in Egypt, and for similar prices? I might tell him to get me some, hopefully he won't be pissed ^^
  7. I can definitely vouch for the fact that they are popular, at least on the Czech market. 80% of all hookahs you can get there are Aladin. And as I said, new Evolution category looks quite nice, have a look if you don't know about it- And yeah, KMs are impossible to get, at least in Czech Republic, there are not any. [url="http://www.shishashop.co.uk/Aladin-Shisha"]http://www.shishasho...k/Aladin-Shisha[/url]
  8. Hi guys, since I can see Aladin pipes everywhere with so many models (mostly Aladin Evolution has sh-tload of different pipes), I wanted to ask - what do you think about it? Apparently, it is very successful brand, but I can't see any knowledgeable smokers use them. Are they the "beginner" brand, or what? They look quite nice and whatnot, but it looks like nobody here is interested in them. What's the deal?
  9. True. It also not very nice for the guy who just bought a new hookah and he is happy about it, when you come up and tell him it's junk.
  10. I have like 5 holes in carpet that I've got 9 months ago. Damn, I'm awful. Anyway, maybe you can try to find working windcover-number of coals ratio.
  11. Haha, good job, I guess I will never say them right though
  12. I'd rather know translation, to be honest! But either way, keep up, I am looking forward to it!
  13. Moki

    *th Post Thread

    [quote name='gaia.plateau' timestamp='1198235368' post='182340'] When my count reaches 400 this post will become relevant. [/quote]Hehe. I like this guy. Why is he banned?
  14. Damn, all those Tangiers threads make me sad that I can't get to them in Europe.