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  1. Metallic taste?

    I got awfull mettallic taste in my mouth when i used milk instead of water.  The milk started to bubbling and was going into hoe. And then it gome - discusting taste.
  2. Hookah bowl/foil setup

    [attachment=869:131301380_m.jpg] Great idea man! My sisha is always burned like hell - and im tryed to figure out, how can i burn coal somehow to not touch sisha. Thanks for tip. But i try it other way first - i first place foil and then screen.
  3. My hookah is not airtight

    Thanks, those was helpfull tips, my hookah is working fine now Merry christmas and happy new year for all hookah lovers
  4. My hookah is not airtight

    Thank you wery much for answer. I would try it. 
  5. Excuse my English, its not my home language, but i hope you understand what i writeing here OK, to the point.  That part of my hookah wheres the hose come out is not airthigt. Ok, i can smoke and i see bubbles when im inhale, but if i blow to hose, then all the smoke dosent come out from air valve, some smoke escapes from hose grommet. (I mean the place where hose grommet yoin the pipe - or the begiing of the metal pipe) How can i fix it? Some kind of shewing cum or something? Thank you.