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  1. [quote name='aeon' timestamp='1322777979' post='531296'] I've put in a call to John Titor, he will have this problem solved asap. [/quote] thank gawd
  2. [quote name='Pretender85' timestamp='1322765400' post='531258'] The real question is, does this mean I get to eat Thanksgiving dinner a second time this year due to this time travel phenomenon? [/quote] lol! that is a good one!
  3. southernhookin

    North Carolina Smokers Nc

  4. Every night. 2 bowls. couple hours plus total. too much. would like to drop down to one per night, then not every night. It's relaxing, but I know that health hazards are there. I think this is a good post/thread as it's kinda nice to know the habits of others...
  5. southernhookin

    Vortex Hookah Bowl

    I use vortex only now. It has been the best bowl I have found so far and I've tried many a bowl. The shisha lasts longer, rarely burns, just works well. I need to buy a back up for when I inevitably break this one.... finally succeeded in burning 2 fingers on my hot plate for natural coals.... could've been worse! Need to find a good floor "table" to protect those inevitable drops of red hot coals on my floors.... So despite burning my finger the other day, having frequent frustrations with my own creations of flavors and having to remix, repack, refoil, re-poke, re-heat, etc etc.... tonight gave up for awhile....no satisfaction! Til now had some great ice cream, took a break, prepped another set up with what seems to be a favorite flavor of Ace of Spades (Fantasia) with coconut AF. Only natural coals, quick lights--wouldn't use again ever. Finger coals have been best. Rambling.... Vortex: excellent.
  6. man i have got to get my hands on some tangiers. haven't tried it yet but can't wait. just hear it's the "cat's meow".
  7. southernhookin

    The Definitive Music For Smoking Hookah Thread!

    radiohead house of cards
  8. southernhookin

    Charleston Sc

    [font=comic sans ms,cursive] [/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive]Hey Y'all--who meets up in Charleston SC? Been living there long time, don't know of any meetups cept at the local lounges...Torch, Cafe Paradisio (never spell that right)...[/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive]But I am only going to be there for a short while longer, but now sure how that short time will be, but would like to meet up with other Lowcountry Hookah friends, outside of the lounges-as-usual.[/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive]Happy 11/11/11 Hookahing[/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive] [/font]
  9. southernhookin

    North Carolina Meet Up

    Hello--am relocating to Asheville and want to meet up with my fellow hookah friends in my new town. Moving up from Charleston SC, where the pickin's are slim...
  10. southernhookin

    Multiple Reviews

    [font=comic sans ms,cursive] OKAY!![/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive]I have a new favorite! Fantasia!! [/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive]Today I visited a fantastic hookah biz in asheville on 85 Patton. Never tried Fan. Bought about 8 small pack of various flavors,[/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive]recommended by the host....[/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive]Pina Colada, most delightful. Teeny amt of Fan mint, of course, out of habit, always throwing in a little mint...[/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive]The small packages...they are nicely packaged, ziplock top--not paying attention I cut off the wrong end not seeing that it had the[/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive]ziplock...duh...used to just cutting open the bags of other brands and putting them into ziplocks...[/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive]Right now smoking PColada. Just finished Fuzzy Navel, so so, not bad, not great. [/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive]Also bought (not tried) lets see...Ace of Spades (like After Nine--choc/mint), mojito, red velvet (yeah, like the cake), I can't remember. I'll write reports on the others when I've tried. [/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive]Using my traveling Mya, ice cubed h2o (I say, of course, again), 3 coco's on a small bowl--the package has a nice insert with some tips...they say use HEAT, I thought, before I read that, and did the first bowl with less heat for fear of burning shisha. So this bowl of PC has 3 cocos--I had a wind protector on it just now and it DID get too hot, so took it off. 3 coco's is fine. monitor, but so far this is the ... the .... %$#*!!!! [/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive]Look forward to trying the others. [/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive]Happy hookahing![/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive] [/font]
  11. Hello-- I am trying to get my technique down. One issue I have all the time is that around maybe 30 min into smoke session I sense problems....taste not as good, something wrong..and so when I peel back the foil to check if maybe the tobacco is all used up I see that there is burnt black tobacco on the inside of foil. So, I have tried picking it off the foil, not easy to do and messes up my holes, and just replacing the foil. I m using quick lites. usually the bowl I have is just the regular looking one...sorry can't do better on name of bowl. I have tried all variations of holes, amount of heat, distribution of coals on foil, keeping the foil as clean of ashes as I can.... never used anything but quicklites. Any suggestions would really make my ....evening! lol. Thanks.
  12. southernhookin

    Greetings From Down South!

    Hello all, I am a new member here. I have been a member before I do believe but am now a returning member/user and this is a very helpful forum. One tech problem I have is on my profile there is information present that I didn't put there... eg member title: Bey - Low Lord of the Hose. I don't know who the lord of the hose is but it ain't me. Also, my country is USA but the Israeli flag is flying. I changed my country to Sweden (where I hope to move to before toooo long as I have given up on the USA) to see if the flag would change to that nice yellow and blue one... but nope, same one still flapping in the wind. So, for the record, I have no member title--if someone created that for me I do not approve of that and it would be certain cause for me to opt out of membership here. And I am from the US. Other than that I am glad to be here and thankful for all the information and I hope to make some useful posts for others. Just please don't tamper with my profile....
  13. southernhookin

    What are you smoking right now?

    [color=#FF0000]AF strawberry [/color][color=#000000]+ [/color][color=#0000FF]starbuzz blue mist [/color] [color=#000000]blah blah blah not too thrilled with the mix. going to swap out. [/color] [color=#000000]want to try hydro. i don't care for much of a buzz...want flavor and clouds with not much to no buzz.[/color]
  14. southernhookin

    Shisha Sticking To Foil When Burning

    OK! Just sat down with .... coco's.... 2 pieces on each end, kinda way off to the ends....so far ok. Just going to monitor the heat better. Thanks!
  15. I just learned last night about packages of incense that are sold behind the counter at a hookah "lounge" in town. The word, from their competitor down the street--who really is a hookah lounge (the other mainly sells cigars, tobacco, etc and hookah is just something they've added) is that this place is using some sort of additive that has caused certain Navy people who were in town to have positive drug screens and so word is not to go there if you need to be tested. It is not known what is popping up on those screenings. So last night I stopped in and bought some shisha and went to the counter to chat with the 2 guys running the place about it. He denied that they use any additive. But he grabbed a packet of Black Mamba from behind the counter to show me...not sure why...and told me this is an incense. I looked at the ingredients. He denied that they put this in there, that it is burned just like incense--for aroma. They also had packets of Dead Man Walking, Cloud 10 Storm, and some others. Rather than writing down all the names--as I wanted to research it at home--I just used my cell phone camera and took a photo of each for reference. At that time he became very defensive and very rude. So today I started trying to research these products but for some reason can't find anything out. Does anyone know about this stuff and is it used as an additive in hookahs???? I'm interested from a clinical standpoint as I am a medical professional. Also though I do smoke shisha and don't want to have to do a uds for work and patron this place where they might be doctoring up their bowls. Any info would be greatly appreaciated!! Thanks.
  16. southernhookin

    Hookah Sickness?

    Ok! So, hydration, slow down on draw frequency, no empty stomach, watch out for the quicklite headaches..... I have been having issues with mild off and on nausea for some months now, think it's hormone related due to my lovely age of almost 50, but last night when I was done and ready to go to bed I was SOOOOO tired and I reallly thought I was gonna puke. Took 2 vistaril for nausea plus extra strength tylenol. I thought I was gonna really get sick though. I have been burning the old candle from both ends lately also so don't feel too swift to start with.... Thanks for all the tips.
  17. southernhookin

    Belgian Quicklight Coals

    Belgian is what I have right now. I think I used japanese once but can't remember if I liked or not.... I just posted a new thread a bit ago about my headaches. I wonder if it's these belgians that are doing it, or may be at least partially responsible? I have a head STILL. I smoked last evening 2 x, from like 630-7:45 and then from midnight or so for an hour... I'm heading downtown to find some coco's. Or order them. Thanks for your help.
  18. southernhookin

    If You Want A New State Added.

    Hi--I would like to add a lounge in Charleston SC and give it a positive review. Thanks.
  19. southernhookin

    Greetings From Down South!

    Ok, new day. Thanks for the welcomes. I will be a model and upstanding participant in this forum--will do my best.... ;0000000 Onward!
  20. southernhookin

    Incense Additive At Lounges And + Uds

    Ok, I got it. Nothing more said. Totally get it. Sorry.
  21. southernhookin

    Incense Additive At Lounges And + Uds

    wow that is a lot of responses to my post. I have to read again but it seems like banning it from being talked about....how would I have found out had it not been the "word" in town and then not having learned from this thread?? I suppose I understand, but glad I was "grandfathered" in for my sake as well as others I know who would benefit from the knowledge. Thanks.
  22. southernhookin

    Greetings From Down South!

    well gee thanks for letting me know in advance. i find that policy to be odd. i don't recall reading that i would be given a name when i joined, by someone else. i find it insulting. yeah, if i don't like that policy i don't have to be here. but i don't like for anyone to affect me without my consent or permission.
  23. southernhookin

    Incense Additive At Lounges And + Uds

    Michael...how does it make me feel?? why does that irritate me? why do you ask me why it irritates me? how do you feel about me asking you these questions?
  24. southernhookin

    Incense Additive At Lounges And + Uds

    ok, so i did some homework. now i know. those guys were really acting weird when i was probing them for info on what they might be doing...who knows. anyway, no biz with me with that place anymore.