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  1. Ewhite92

    Fantasia Air-Flow Coals

    Cost:A box of 45 was $8.00 Appearence: A very large cube with a V in the bottom (Larger than I thought they would have been) Smell: Nothing terrible, a slight smell during the first minute or 2 of lighting. Taste: Awful! After about 3 pulls, I could taste and feel the ash in my mouth... Ease of Lighting/Method: Very easy. 5 minutes on each side on an electric stove and you're good to go. Ash: Very fine, sticky grey ash. The layer of ash almost glued the coal to the stove. Heat/Duration: Fairly even heat that lasted about 2/3 the duration of Coconaras. Recommend: Only if you don't mind an ashy taste and trying the "hot new thing." OVERALL: 5/10 - They are better than quick lights... but nothing else. I smoked 2 bowls with them (using 2 coals each time as that's all that would fit) and now have a box of broken dreams that can only be repaired by a good 'ol 108 count box of Coconaras. They tasted bad, literally made me gag, and left nothing but ash.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions, guys! Chereees, What is the double orange like?
  3. So I got a Tangiers funnel and I love it, but now I want to try some Tangiers shisha! I was looking at the 3xlucid 250g +108 piece coconara package deal and was wondering what lucid flavours you guys recommend. Which ones acclimate the easiest for a first time tangiers user (I live in Salt Lake city, Utah.) Do any of them acclimate better than others in the Utah climate? Im thinking cool strawberry, melon blend, and orange soda but thats just based on what sounds best to me. Let me know if I'm completely over thinking this, I've just heard tangiers is a little more technical than other shishas. Thanks, guys!
  4. Ewhite92

    Hookah Smokers....

    Hah! That's awesome!
  5. Ewhite92

    I Got Mai Funnel! :3

    I got my first funnel recently too and I love it! I never thought the difference would be that big, but it is! Now I just need to get some Tangiers shisha and try that out too! Any flavours to suggest? I heard orange soda is great!
  6. Ewhite92


    So thanks to some advice from Rani, I decided that maybe we can start a topic for people to post brands and flavours they want to try and review so that it doesn't require looking at people's profiles and digging around for the list. I had a few questions: First, should the thread go into the trades section since a transaction is technically happening or should it go into a the reviews section or the general discussion board? Second, how do people pay for shipping when they are not sending it? (Also how do you ensure that it's getting paid for or that the shipper is being reimbursed for the shipping costs.) Anyone interested should throw in any suggestions! Mods: If such a thread would violate any rules, let me know as I don't want to break them!
  7. Ewhite92


    [quote name='Rani' timestamp='1328915318' post='538625'] May I suggest another option? I check reviews frequently when I'm in the mood or market to try something new and I try new stuff, especially tobacco A LOT. But doing a review? Major pain in the ass if you ask me. Even typing something out (and I type 95 wpm) I put off and put off and put off. So since reviewers are really doing us lazy folk a service, why not somehow put a list of what you'd like to review either on your profile or maybe a pinned thread? Then when someone (like me) has 40 kilos of different kinds of tobacco sitting around home un-reviewed, (seriously I've got LOT of tobacco sitting around), we can check your list and if what we have is on it, we can send you the samples. Throwing a bubble envelope with a baggie sample of tobacco in it in the mail, isn't going to break anybody. Plus, you're not ASKING anybody for anything. And you have zero obligation to review something positively just because it was given to you. 'Rani [/quote] That sounds like a GREAT idea. I would pay shipping and everything! I'll get on making that list. No obligations to anyone to offer to send anything, of course. At the very least, I'll end up using it as a tool to add a sort of method to the madness so I have at least an idea of what I want to review. Thanks, Rani! Also wanted to add that I would NEVER call myself a representative of this forum, or anything else that I don't personally own or have permission from the owner to do so. But I think we're past that whole issue!
  8. Ewhite92

    Aztec Highway

    This place is GREAT! not much i can say that hasn't already been said, so I'll leave it with my new favorite quote from one of the guys there: "We're not going to bullshit you and say a flavour or product is great when it really sucks... All that does is make you never come back!" I especially liked that the Hookah shop was in the front of the store and the head shop was through a door into another room in the back. I loved this place and will definitely make it my primary hookah shop!
  9. Hookah has been sold. Guy saw the add on KSL and came and picked it up last night.
  10. Ewhite92


    Chreees- Now that you and Stuie have mentioned it, I would feel really dishonest reviewing something that I got for free. If I spend my hard earned bucks on something that i would never spend money on again, I'd want to make sure no one else made the same mistake. I would feel like I owed the company a good review. So I'll stick to buying my own, and come up with some sort of system to try a new brand from a new shop or site each week or something. Thank you guys for bringing up such an important downside to receiving samples In regards to the Representative issue, I agree, it's a strong word and I wouldn't dream of calling myself a rep. of this forum. I'm one voice out of hundreds. Does anyone else have any tips for doing reviews? Any dos and don'ts? Or is it really as simple as keep it interesting and say what you think? I apologize if I'm being annoyingly analytical, I like to research the hell out of things before I get myself into something
  11. Ewhite92


    Thanks, Stuie. Any tips on how to structure a review? Or is it best done using a template similar to the one on here in the reviews section? Also, Michael, Do you need to get permission to say that you represent HookahForum.com?
  12. Ewhite92


    Awesome! Now to start a Youtube channel and get followers. Thanks for your help!
  13. Okay so I want to start doing reviews on shisha brands and flavours. When browsing youtube for reviews to use as examples to follow, I've noticed a lot of the people always thank brands for sending them samples. As a college student not living at home, I can't afford a ton of shisha to review so I was wondering how one goes about getting samples? Is it simply a matter of emailing the company and asking? Or do you, instead, have to build a reputation as a reviewer so that the companies will be more likely to send them? Or is it a completely outrageous idea to believe that any company will send out samples? I plan to start posting reviews regardless, I'd just be able to post more reviews more frequently if it were possible to receive samples!
  14. I prefer silence while I smoke, or tv or a movie in the background, but when I do listen to music, I almost always choose Rusted Root. Very interesting sounding band!
  15. Hey guys sorry I haven't been able to put pictures up yet, during all of my waking hours I've either been in class or at work. My girlfriend had me put the hookah up on KSL a little while ago (and the pictures actually fit haha) and here is the link for now. All of the pictures are the ones I was planning to post. The 435 Number is mine so you can call or text to make sure it's really me! Let me know if the URL works! http://www.ksl.com/index.php?nid=218&ad=19156175&cat=83