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  1. Smoke On The Water - Weston

    This place just got a big renovation and re-did their already States largest humidor. I don't want to sound like a shill, (I'm a regular there) but it's a really great spot and off the beaten path in Weston. Can't rave about this place enough. Haven't indulged in a hookah in a while, but probably will sooner than later.
  2. Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

    I just wanted to bump this thread and talk about a great item I am using called the Bull Pen. It's basically an iphone looking device that charges my Bull Smokes when I'm on the go. Pretty neat, and it is a slim look and feel - fits right in my pocket. Still tobacco free! My peers are stoked that I don't reak up their clothing when we are together.
  3. Smoke On The Water - Weston

    This is technically a cigar bar, BUT, they have a very knowledgable, friendly guy who runs the hookah department. Wow, is this place sweet! They have tons of stock (the place also has the largest humidor in Florida and stocks hookah accessories as well) so you can not only smoke there, but also in the comfort of your own home. I got there frequently for sports and to enjoy stogies. The hookah aspect is an added bonus.
  4. Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

    [quote name='Epoch' timestamp='1316552860' post='524571'] [quote name='Bella' timestamp='1316041987' post='523904'] I'm glad it's working for you. My mother got an e-cigarette a couple years ago and liked it, but [u][b]eventually I noticed she picked up her regular cigarettes again[/b][/u]; I'm not sure what happened. Maybe the Bull Smoke is better than the one she had. [/quote] Same story with all the folks I've known with them. I hope you stick with it, Jackson. [/quote] Thanks. I'm STILL using it and don't even think of tobacco cigarettes anymore!
  5. Shhhhhmoookke

    Angry monkey, welcome! You'll find a lot of good information here. I still have to post my pictures of my stuff.
  6. Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

    [quote name='Bella' timestamp='1316041987' post='523904'] I'm glad it's working for you. My mother got an e-cigarette a couple years ago and liked it, but eventually I noticed she picked up her regular cigarettes again; I'm not sure what happened. Maybe the Bull Smoke is better than the one she had. [/quote] I've tried other brands since the Bull Smoke E-cig. No others are close. This is the best one I've had yet.
  7. Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

    [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1316041735' post='523903'] I kinda want one and I don't even smoke cigs, haha. I still need to buy my dad one (that's another earlier thread)... [/quote] They are great. I actually smoke this more than a tobacco cigarette since you really can smoke it "anywhere."
  8. Florida Smokers Fl

    The Weston Cigar bar is (smoke on the water it's called) is probably the best spot in Broward. If Mauricio is there, he'll set it up really nice for you. They also sell shisha (fantasia brand) so you can also stock up for your home use.
  9. Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

    Well, I took the leap of faith and made an order. I have to say, these are great products. I haven't had a tobacco cigarette in over 10 days. I know that a lot of electronic cigarette offers are less than stellar, but this one is pretty good. I got a kit with two batteries and a bunch of flavors so I could share with my sister. So far we're both hooked on these and it's totally made us forget about smoking cigs.
  10. Has anyone tried these? I quit smoking a year ago and have used several brands. I was thinking about ordering this one but the price is a little steep. If anyone has a suggestion for me I'm all ears. JV
  11. Good Morning!

    [quote name='Bornluckee13' timestamp='1314126565' post='521040'] Vapor, I have been hooked on Vegas 5 "AAA" series lately, but rotate in some warlords, Diesels, and Alec Bradly Tempus maduros. [/quote] Awesome, I'll have to give the Vegas "AAA" a shot, I've heard of those lately.
  12. Good Morning!

    Welcome and its awesome having you. I'm a cigar smoker too, what do you prefer to smoke these days?
  13. Welcome to Hookah Forum! We are glad you joined us :) Please be sure to thoroughly review our Forum Rules located here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/45-forum-rules/ Thanks and have fun!

  14. Florida Smokers Fl

    Anyone know of good spots to relax and hookah in Broward County?