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  1. omegaalpha22


    Al Fakher Mint [b]Hookah: Regal Queen-Redwood[/b] [b]Bowl: [/b]Tangiers Small Phunnel [b]Screen/Foil:[/b] Reynolds 2 layers regular [b]Hose: Custom Regal Hookah Syrian Elephant hose.[/b] [b]Coals:[/b] 2-3 Al Fakher Naturals [b]Base Liquid:[/b] Water with ice in it. [b]Appearance: [/b]finely chooped, dyed red. [b]Nicotine:[/b] 0.05% [b]Base:[/b] Molasses & Glycerin [b]Smell:[/b] Wintergreen, very cooling. [b]Taste: [/b]Cooling iwth hints of wintergreen [b]Smoke: [/b]Clouds, although lacking the density that I desire. [b]Buzz:[/b] None [b]Duration:[/b] 1.5 hrs. I bought this at my local smoke shop for like 2.50 a 50g. I've been off AF for the last few months due to consistency issues. This, on the other hand (July batch), was great...like AF should be. With the Regal hose (my mint hose), it really accented the flavor well. The wintergreen was there throughout 75% of the bowl, and this was pretty damn good...This is now back on my favorite AF flavors list, which was quite bare (all that I have liked AF is grenadine). 9.25/10, could of had less cooling, more wintergreen.
  2. omegaalpha22

    Noob Needs Help Choosing Second Hookah!

    To make it to the point, only Myas are good for multi-hose. Anyway though, multi-hose hookahs aren't worth it....you're constantly fighting for the smoke...just get a single hose. For less money, you'll get a better hookah. And since you're in SoCal, go with UltimateHookah, 5starhookah, or one of those other vendors in Cali. You'll definitely get more for your money
  3. omegaalpha22

    Wtb Some Of The Following...please Read

    Right now, it'd have to be lower than 60.
  4. omegaalpha22

    Noob Needs Help Choosing Second Hookah!

    [quote name='Fouda1122gbf' timestamp='1317907028' post='526689'] [quote name='omegaalpha22' timestamp='1317814077' post='526509'] I'd recommend avoiding the multi-hose hookahs. I find they just don't smoke as well, along with the need to plug the hoses not in use, and all that. [/quote] Really?? Their called ball bearings!!! If you don't know what they are then u shouldn't be replying to this post You don't have to plug the hoses if you have the bearings [/quote] Ball bearing don't come in multi-hose KMs...that's what i was referring to then. So there.
  5. omegaalpha22

    Noob Needs Help Choosing Second Hookah!

    [quote name='Hybrid For Life' timestamp='1317877824' post='526669'] K thanks guys for the input, Sounds like im going with a Khalil Mamoon in the 30" range. recommendations? I now plan on going single hose and then getting an adapter to run 2 hoses. What adapter do I need? Couldnt find any that were for KM. Does KM have a website, couldnt find. [/quote] You can't really do that. What Floataround said is incredibly stupid IMO. Adding an adapter to the purge valve will not smoke well. Just pass the hose. Kafe or World Cup Trophy.
  6. omegaalpha22

    Wtb Some Of The Following...please Read

    I don't know how to set a price on something THAT rare...
  7. omegaalpha22

    Wtb Some Of The Following...please Read

    [quote name='MichaelLCP' timestamp='1317866996' post='526637'] Good luck on the buy. But you aren't going to fine any ECM. It isn't available for retail. [/quote] I want to find someone with at least a sample or something...I'll pay a hefty premium.
  8. Interested in the following.... I'm MF friendly and MO friendly. Tangiers Mini Phunnel Crown Micro Classic Crown Signature Phunnel Czech Bohemian Crystal Base Tangiers Mini Super Chief (really really want) Noir Extreme Cane Mint (interested in large quantities if possible) Desi Murli (basically I'll take any GOOD stash of it you have...must be less than 2-4 mths old) Exotic mu'assels...I'll take anything y'all have in that category. Nawras hookahs...really interested. Send me a PM and let me know....
  9. omegaalpha22

    I Had An Idea

    Woah...this just gave me an amazing idea...and a simple one... maybe a plastic tip in the hose, about a fifth the size of the current mouth tip, followed by a large Coco tip custom made with silicone.
  10. omegaalpha22

    Memorable Mixes

    I like Starbuzz Pumpkin Pie...it's one of the few SB flavors I smoke...
  11. omegaalpha22

    Tangier's Official Thread.

    [quote name='MichaelLCP' timestamp='1317835725' post='526552'] I usually NEVER have to acclimate. All my tangiers has been ready to smoke out of the package and I have never had a problem with it. [/quote] You're also in California.
  12. omegaalpha22

    Noob Needs Help Choosing Second Hookah!

    [quote name='vendetta_revived' timestamp='1317827171' post='526527'] How many people do you smoke with? I find the single hose hookahs to be more airtight, stable, durable and what not. KM is a good choice, however, more common. If I had a budget of $200 and was in the market for a hookah, I'd definitely buy this. [url="http://www.hookahcompany.com/queen_regal_hookah_6046_prd1.htm"]http://www.hookahcom...h_6046_prd1.htm[/url] [/quote] I have the redwood version for the last 5 days and it's epic. Review to come as soon as I find my camera. Don't buy it from H-C though. H-C only gets the stem for it, everything else is bundled in by H-C. It's supposed to come with an amazing custom made Elephant hose and a Syrian tower/disk base.
  13. omegaalpha22

    Noob Needs Help Choosing Second Hookah!

    I'd recommend avoiding the multi-hose hookahs. I find they just don't smoke as well, along with the need to plug the hoses not in use, and all that. 200, huh? I would buy the most beautiful hookah in the world, the KM Admiral. 200 comes with a bell shaped vase, but you can upgrade to the Jumbo vase for like 50 bucks. I also like the chillers. As for brand, KM for sure. Although, if you had the chance, I'd recommend the Regal.
  14. omegaalpha22

    New Fees On Debit Cards

    I feel the same way as everyone. That's why all my shit is with Navy FCU...one amazing bank! I do have one account with a regional bank though (SunTrust).
  15. omegaalpha22

    Al Fakher Herbal

    [quote name='ChicagoRSX' timestamp='1317687748' post='526337'] Only herbal I tried why Hydro, and I wasn't very fond of it, I was trying the whole, healthy alternative to tobacco....now I'm on a Tangiers kick...see the dark road I went down here? (You will probably love blue mist, easily one of my favs, I just picked up 250 of it for $10. [/quote] I hate when people think herbal is healthier than tobacco *this doesn't include Evolution*. Sugarcane (what is used in all except 1 or 2 herbals) is responsible for cases of mesothelioma. Technically, if you're going to smoke anything out of a hookah, tobacco is by the healthiest. You technically filter out all the carcinogens, tar (if any...off topic.. does Tangiers have any tar?), and CO when you inhale, therefore you're technically only inhaling pure flavor, along with the nicotine.