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  1. I'll take some pics when I get home off the bowl. That way you'll have a decent idea of what it looks like. As for how it feels? It feels about like a Medium-Well to Well-Done steak when you push on it. Does that make sense? Honestly I'm a huge fan of 3 kings coals, though I already ordered some Nara's after reading this thread earlier so they'll be here next week I imagine. I know I've got the tub smelling like it should. That BBQ/Soy Sauce/Nastiness is gone and it smells like it should. I usually assume its acclimated at that point. I then pack and poke 4 circles without a hole in the center and use 3 halves of 3 kings and rotate them at around 20 minutes. I'll cross my fingers but I assume I'll be back to a bowl of Social Smoke when I fail lol.
  2. So as a long time lurker here, let me just say that I appreciate the guides you all have posted on the boards here a lot. They've been of inestimable value to me in my hookah endeavors, and several I would probably not have bought into were it not for the reviews on forums like this. Part of the explosion in hookah popularity over the last few years I attribute to in part to all the people that take the time to ensure the best possible smoke every bowl, every time. That being said, I feel like Tangiers is my 'Elanor,' unicorn, pot of gold, whatever. I've been trying for years (and I do mean years) off and on to get it just right, and have failed so many times. To be fair, I've moved out of state (Oklahoma), back into state, off to college, back home, rented apartments, moved for work, and now own a house a long way from where it all started. Ergo acclimation is never something I have gotten just right. All too frequently I'm sure I leave it out too long (or not long enough), fail to mix it often enough, or watch the temperature. I've been known to use a refrigerator from time to time lol. The point is, Tangiers F-Line flavor Red Tea knocked me on my ass when I got it right years ago. It was wonderful. I started my hookah sessions with Nahkla and Al Amir and such. Later I upgraded to Al Fahker and Starbuzz. Now I usually smoke Romman or Social Smoke brands but I keep buying Tangiers every so often in hopes of recreating that session. I'm sure by now Nostalgia (that fickle mistress) has in my mind made the memory something grander that what in reality it was, but I know I've never even come close sense. Most of my Tangiers sessions are accompanied by a harshness that I could only describe as filling. It is not an acrid harshness from too much coal, and there is little in the way of smoke to comment on. At times I manage to achieve medium smoke but find no flavor. Where, oh where did I offend the universe to leave me so? Any help would be greatly appreciated. For my setups see below. tl;dr: I use a KM hookah or a smaller Mya or a older Egyptian or a.... Yeah you get it. I own 8 of them by now but the KM is my fav. I have a medium Tangiers phunnel (the small one broke a long time ago) and I seem to have lost my only remaining scalli mod (I've even talked to local glassblowers FML). So no tealights for me. I also have a vortex and a CH glass mini phunnel. Normally I use 3 Kings but I have some Exoticas and some silver japs. What do I need to do to make my Tangiers blow me away?
  3. Afortunado

    Bush- "the Decider"

    QUOTE (Scalliwag @ Jan 23 2007, 10:09 PM) You beat me to it on Afghanistan Sangy! Afghanistan is a failure and will be even worse off in the next two years. The Taliban has strongholds in several areas there. I strongly disagree that Kerry would not have attacked the Taliban in Afghanistan but we will not know that answer for certain. One certain answer that we do know is that Kerry was brave enough to personally go into combat in Vietnam while Bush avoided it by a very common strategy. Gore went to Vietnam. Cheney got five defferments because he was a coward as well. To say "you feel" that his political opponent would have done better or worse is a guessing game. We KNOW what Bush has done and he has failed. We know Bush and Cheney have never personally faced enemy fire and that they showed lack of courage when their actual asses could have been there. Remember both Bush and Cheney supported the Vietnam war. So you got it right that Bush did the right thing by "going into" Afghanistan, but Afghanistan is failing and in turn he is failing there. Again I ask where his successes are? Winning elections? That is all I see and I am not so sure about the first one. Not to bash Scalliwag, but Kerry went to war? His "I served my country" was a farce. Not that I'm a big fan of Bush either, but lets keep things straight. His own unit brought to light that lie in a book. Kerry didn't serve. Not in the sense of the word.
  4. Afortunado

    Let Us All Bow Our Heads

    we always try middle-eastern shops for hookah parts. for instance our tallest hookah we use for groups came initially with only a 2 hose stem. we were able tp purchase a nice three hose stem to replace the old stem for only $20, and as a bonus it added an inch to the hookah's heigth. places like this here in Oklahoma often carry, or are willing to sell, hookah parts and not the whole assembly. Try this out and see what you may find.
  5. Afortunado

    Does Size Really Matter?

    I don't know about this for sure, but we have several hookahs. Varying in heigth from 15" to 33". We always use the 33" as it seems to be a little mellower but still full bodied and flavorful. Also we've used a variety of liquids in our base, and as with wine for instance, the taller setup was definitley perferable.