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  1. Satou

    Getting Out Of Hookah Sale!

    All of the hookah tobacco that is left? Yes, I do take MF. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk     not all of it wao I am not that ambitious.I am curious about the price for two or three of them~
  2. Satou

    Meet Margo

    I would definitely report that rescue/breeder to the AKC for the conditions that you saw their dogs in and the condition of Margo (It sounds like a puppy mill! and AKC breeder requirements are pretty high up there. )
  3. Satou

    Getting Out Of Hookah Sale!

    Chrees what is the estimated shipping for items such as the shisha? and do you take things like paypal?
  4. Satou


    So happy for you! <3 It is exciting that part of your life coming up.
  5. That moment when you forget the prices at Tangiers :( halp.

  6. Satou


  7. Awesome!   I enjoyed every time I have visited the lounge; it is never a dull moment. I am glad that you got to experience it :)
  8. Sort of took a break from smoking hookah for a month and now I am ready to return

    1. â€On


      Welcome back!
    2. Chreees


      Welcome back to the awesomeness!
    3. Satou


      Now to think about getting a new set up >u>
  9. I personally love coconut coals, they smoke cleaner and with out as much added taste.~   I place mine on the edges, move them around the edges and then slowly in wards as the coals die out until I need newer coals. 
  10. Satou

    Any Civ Fans Here?

    *nerds out silently*     I am literally excited for this new game they are doing, but I am hoping they will fix the multiplayer aspect of the game that they messed up on with Civ5 (the desyncs and terrible lag)
  11. Satou

    Instagram Usernames?

    kusuriurii beware of selfies, birds and artwork.
  12.     ;w; Thanks! I really didn't want to frankentape the crap out of that base. 
  13. So about a half a year to a year ago; I bought a new MYA, self sealing double hosed hookah with a acrylic base (so that my boyfriend and I do not have to keep flinging the hookah hose back and forth at each other or making two set ups)   Well recently said acrylic base has begun to crack and ultimately leak all over the damn place. I was wondering if there was a particular reason behind this cracking since it has been implied by said companies that acrylic products such as the base would not break or crack. As well - if MYA could or would do anything about replacing it?  If not- if I should just cave in and purchase a new set up (and if so any suggestions? :p)    
  14. Honestly, much like Cigarettes, Cigars, Cloves and Etc. Vaping is a fad.   It is incredibly expensive fad that to me doesn't promote a social atmosphere (i.e You necessarily don't want to share it with people even if they are your friends or family and half the time people are sneaking it like its a dirty secret imo OR People flash it off like it is a new piece of jewelry and get in your face over it like OH LOOK AT ME I HAS A VAPE NAO I COOL TOO?) and the convenience for some varies depending on their set up or how much they have spent on it. I say this because I have smoked or tried vape on a couple of different set ups and found that the 'drag' or inhalation was like an attempt to suck a golfball out of a tiny tube and the process of refilling the 'flavor' was a colossal pain.   Not saying that it isn't neat  and I hope that I could have one that doesn't have the drag consistency of a thick milkshake but to me like mattarios2 said - collecting vapes and their hardware isn't the same to me as collecting hookahs that are hand painted, made of glass or have intricate details.