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  1. Not So Good Mixes

    anything with HH spearmint. tastes like smoking with old stale mint gum in your mouth
  2. Large Chicagoland Lan Party

    havent played cod4 in ages, and it was xbox360. we should have a hookah party somewhere around (that hotels pretty close to me)
  3. Cheap Cigars For A Beginner

    I hope you mean the cuban onesQUOTE (wpw36 @ Jun 20 2008, 02:24 PM) i love cohibas
  4. Body Adornment

    QUOTE (NickReppinThe909 @ Jun 19 2008, 12:59 PM) yea scabbing = BAD !!!!! yeah peelings what i meant lol oops
  5. Illinois Il Smokers.

    Elmhurst/Villa Park. 15 mins from downtown chicago
  6. Rate The Avatar Above You!

    bigboss originality- 8, a pic you took? creativity- 7.5? kinda dark but looks creepy laughability- 0 too scary to be laughable flamability-0, too badass arousal-0 yuck overall-7.75
  7. Body Adornment

    Got my first tat on fri 13th, a spade above my ankle. ill post pics when its done scabbing
  8. Dslr Cameras

    I wanna get a Canon Rebel xti
  9. Cheap Cigars For A Beginner

    How cheap? CAO Flavours are good and affordable, Moontrance is my fave, mild filler infused with vanilla bean cognac. $3.25 for a petit corona size (kinda small) $3.75ish for a corona (~50% longer)
  10. Looking For Premium Tobacco

    QUOTE (jakescakes @ Jun 18 2008, 11:44 PM) If you were referring to Al Fakher, maybe it was their Golden Tobacco line which comes in a clear rectangle container with a hinged lid in Eskandarani Apple flavor Yeah im pretty sure this is what youre looking for. Ive had the golden apple. Real nice, like a chocolatey apple flavor to it
  11. Do You Smoke Cigarettes?

    Yeah I used to smoke cigs alot, but now Im on only a few a day. Camel No. 9 Menthes mostly. Or Camel Frost Snus (awesome product). I started smoking with cigars, and still enjoy them occasionally. Pipes = not for me. Tastes like burnt shisha and too hard to keep going. My smoking is done mostly on the hookah.
  12. Vinegar

    Patron Fan? You havent had patron until youve had patron platinum =]
  13. Need Help Identifying Hookah

    I have that stem and it's a real MYA, it has the option to put 4 hoses, right?
  14. Favorite Cigarettes?

    I smoke camel signature blend 'frosts'. similar to marlboro 'smooths' but without the... shitty marlboro taste