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  1. A Few Of My Favorite Hookahs.

    Those are some nice hookahs you have there!
  2. Namaste

    This place is now closed
  3. Michaellcp Is On Vacation

    I totally thought that was a banned thread. Had me fooled!
  4. What Should I Mix Tangerine With?

    I would say either mint or vanilla. I think vanilla would be good if you want to go for the creamcicle.
  5. Did I Get A Medium Phunnel?

    From what it sounds like, you have yourself a small phunnel there!
  6. Hookah And Life

    That was really good! Makes me want to go outside and go have a session.
  7. Mental Health Issues

    Like dave said above, I also have Tourettes's Syndrom. I have had it since I was 13. I have been on many medications throughout my lifetime. I am now currently on Orap which is a nueroleptic to help ease the Tics caused by TS. But on the case of ADHD I do think that some drs are writing scrips to easilly. They need to do more tests to make sure the kid actually has ADD or ADHD. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was much younger, I cant remember exactly what age it was but I was quite young. But I am now able to control my ADHD without medication. Plus most of thre stimulant ADHD medication would exacerbate my tourettes and cause my tics to get much louder and much more frequent. I was only able to take non-stimulant medications due to my TS.
  8. Cut Down..

    Nicotine is addictive, but I think you should be fine. I don't think your addicted. Just slowly cut down on how often you smoke.
  9. New Order Arrived!

    Thats a nice order youve got there my friend. I have been looking for a good kiwi flavor to try out.
  10. A Little Help Please!

    Try to stay away from the cheap chinese hookahs. But deff go for a KM or other name brand. In the hookah world you get what you pay for my friend! As for vendors I really suggest hookah-shisha.com They have a good selection of hookahs and they have an enourmous amount of shisha tobacco their.
  11. Hookah Tattoos

    Those Tattoos are sick man!!!! Very cool!
  12. Bad Batch Of Coconaras?

    There is no telling as to whats wrong with the coals. There are just too many possibilities out there!
  13. Shiazo Steam Stones

    I totally want to try those out! I cant wait for American vendors to carry this stuff!!!
  14. Cucumber Bowl

    Yeah I bet mint would be delicious in the cucumber bowl!
  15. Jabba Hookah

    Good job! That is freaking awesome!!