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  1. Dude relax pack a bowl smoke some of the stuff you have left and wait.. it'll get there i had trouble with a couple of my orders with HS but they always came through and fixed everything...
  2. Toss it and get a new one...The parts may not fit perfectly if you get a new stem with a base. Buying a new one will save you time and money
  3. I can tell you this I work out regularly 2 hours a day every day. I have noticed a considerable decrease in my lung capacity while smoking hookah. Sadly its something I will never regain. i come out of my sessions breathing heavy even sometimes to the point of my head swimming from the lack of oxygen. I have decided to cut down considerably from smoking about 3 times a week to maybe 1 a month. Its sad but the damage I feel on a personal level is deeper rather than cigs, just because you don't feel a burning sensation due to water doesn't mean that there isn't damage in your lungs.
  4. Hey guys, I have a 23 inch hookah right now and I'm pretty happy with it its a mya, but i was thinking of getting the mya razo or any of the other smaller ones. I was wondering does it have a dramatic effect on how much smoke you can get out of it assuming you kept all the variables the same such as the same nammor hose and the large funnel bowl.
  5. Several issues here it could be CO poisoning. It can cause mild headaches and nausea but tobacco itself can cause nicotine poisoning and i've known several people with weak constitutions to nicotine to get a really bad headache after they smoked hookah. If you eat before hand it might strengthen your constituion but check your coals and if it continues you might want to stop...especially since this isn't pubmed
  6. You know honestly you are killing your lungs and prolly something else while you are smoking "toxic" fumes are the least of your worries. I think if you want a healthy lifestyle and are aiming to become a marathoner you might wanna kick the habit in general
  7. Hey man, Keep in mind the longer the stem of the hookah the harder it is to pull. The harder it is to pull the less smoke you get. I'm the kind of guy that can settle for something simple and beautiful. If I want a hookah I don't need anything flashy, I want something that can smoke extremely well. My recommendation you look for a shorter hookah with a gorgeous base. I had a 32" 4-hose hookah and it didn't smoke well at all even with auto-seal valves. I got a 1-hose Red Glass pyramid shaped 23'' hookah from myasaray. The quality is exquisite and the price is fair. I replaced the hoses with the ones that have garden hose lining on the inside (the names escapesme right now) and added two more auto seal valves to get a beautiful and amazing hookah. I also have a funnel bowl with the mod. I would spend my $200 that way. Bigger and flashier does not mean a better smoke which I think is the point of a hookah. It would be the equivalent of buying a mazda 3 and putting a racing body kit on it with racing stripes. It does you no good and it doesn't make the car any better. I think you can spend the money in a better way. http://www.myasaray.com/store/item.asp?ITE...EPARTMENT_ID=49 for the hookh that I got.
  8. Thanks for all the input and I've talked to my friend Hannibal about Al Fakher and i've decided to get the mya instead. I'll be spending a lil bit more but i think its the best one out of the three.
  9. so should i say screw it to the mya and go for the al fakher?
  10. ahh appreciate all the information thank you so much. Now i'm trying to decide between the pineapple and this syrian It comes as a one hose and thats what i plan to get it as. http://www.hookahforum.com/Got-My-New-Hook...day-t12973.html
  11. The shorter the hookah the more smoke you get. One has the auto seal valves the other doesn't. I'd go for the one with the auto seal since it makes things easier when you are smoking with a big group.
  12. hahhaha very nice man congrats on the new stuff happy smoking!
  13. So i got another question is there a big difference between the myas and the kms? am i better off not buying one of those?
  14. ahh yes the nammor i have 4 and they are the best things ever
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