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  1. Petey

    Home Defense

    oh yeah forgot about my taser
  2. Petey

    How Long Have You Been Around?

    1 month -______- not even
  3. Petey

    Home Defense

    Well We decided to update our home defense at home and this is what we have now [img]http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/2001/photo1xm.jpg[/img]
  4. Petey

    The Itis

    so I just had an amazing Italian Combo Hero and I am so damn full after it, plus I am sleepy as hell now... How do you guys feel about the ITIS? I for one hate it, cause I get it during work and I lose all my Motive to work
  5. Petey

    Favorite Website

    Facebook, Google, Youtube, BTNHBoard, Aphex-I, and netflix
  6. This is the Hookah lounge I always go to, the Vibe there is great the staff is awesome and very friendly plus on of the chicks is supper hot anyways if you guys are in the area Zorona is a great Lounge to stop at http://www.zoronarestaurant.com/hookahbar.html
  7. yeah deff should be a Pinned Topic, since everyone wants to know this.
  8. sorry I didnt see it on the 1st page... (probably is one but I am blind) I will look for it... if not can Staff merge the thread
  9. send me a pic so I can upload it
  10. I know we all have different taste in music, but what do you like to listen to when you are smoking a bowl? I have a huge mix of random songs in my playlist for hookah,, anything from Heavy metal, Rap to some Reggaeton what do you guys like
  11. LMAO we made it in like 30 seconds we do need to change that, BTW it hits amazing!
  12. Petey

    What Is Your Dream Job?

    I wanna be a Audio Engineer, and work in a studio or a producer
  13. Petey


    just drink some nyqil, I'll pick up a bottle after work for u
  14. Petey


    -___- that reminds me I am sexually frustrated.... Lulz tell your buddy to find me the 18+ year old for me