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The Persian Hillbilly

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  1. Favorite Youtube Stuff.

    [b]The "R" stands for Ronald [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z3nHAi2oxw&feature=related[/media][/b]
  2. The Definitive Music For Smoking Hookah Thread!

    [b]My favorite music is Ragtime. But I can listen to most anything, but rap. That stuff just grates me! [url="http://www.accuradio.com/player/slipstream/accujazz/89/?&or=2"]Old School Ragtime Radio[/url][/b]
  3. Virginia Smokers Va

    [b]Winchester, Virginia [/b]
  4. Wicked Meals And Eats!

    [b]I've been all over the world. I've eaten lots of strange things. I like being adventurous! Never understood people who'd travel overseas and go to Micky D's? When I was in Singapore. They were very diverse in foods. The Chinese have a recipe for anything! I saw a cage with a giant snake waiting to be cooked! There was a restaurant whose specialty was dog. I don't know what breed it was, but it had great[/b] [b]sauce![/b]
  5. [b]Sounds like you need to clean out your hookah or change your shisha! [/b]
  6. Ali-Baba

    [quote name='kermitrulz7' timestamp='1310758384' post='516023'] Belly Dancer tonight at Ali Baba Hookah Bar! hope to see everyone there She is only gonna be there from 9:30-10 so call ahead to reserve your table and get there early so you will be set up with your hookah to enjoy the show. Ali Baba Hookah Bar (540) 323-7049 www.alibabahookahbarva.com I'm excited!!! [/quote] [b]Your right! I thought it was next week. Like to start a hookah club in town....interested?[/b]
  7. Vegetarian?

    [quote name='Giant Ninja Robot' timestamp='1310749728' post='516011'] Did you read the article? Actually most of the article (at least the first portion and the initial chart) debunks the natural omnivore argument. I'm not against meat, far from it. But via article the omnivore argument was already challenged pretty concisely. [/quote] [b]Sure I read the article. It was obviously written by a vegan! People want to eat rabbit food thats their business. I just hate it when they wear the vegan lifestyle like a badge of honor as if their choice makes them better than me. I don't like snobs. Eat what you want! Just keep your morality outta my dinner plate! [/b]
  8. Vegetarian?

    [b]Humans are omnivores with teeth for both plants and meat. We are meant to eat both salad and steak! If it was up to me I'd eat bear ribs everyday! The rabbits can eat the greens! [/b]
  9. Vegetarian?

    [b]Also...humans have canine teeth for a reason! [img]http://woldfitness.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/diet-caveman.jpg[/img] So much for evolution eh?[/b]
  10. Vegetarian?

    [quote name='Coyote' timestamp='1310652385' post='515903'] [quote name='Scrappydoo' timestamp='1310593655' post='515849'] [quote name='The Persian Hillbilly' timestamp='1310571732' post='515799'] [b]Vegetarians are the most unhealthy people! Every one I've seen were skinny with bad skin. Humans need at least some meat in the diet. If for nothing else, flavour! Once a vegan friend gave me lentil soup. Just lentils and water........YEECH! [/b] [/quote] Hahahaha, that's not true. Some of the most beautiful people are vegetarians and have gorgeous skin. Sometimes it is the hormones in factory farmed meat that affects people's skins, certainly you can't blame it on vegetables. If it's not for you, that's fine. Yeah, lentils and water sounds nasty. [/quote] FYI- Pamela Anderson is vegan. [/quote] [b]I worked at a go-go bar years ago as a bouncer. The beauty of those girls is all fake! Lots and lots of makeup and poor lighting! Take off the glamour and ol' Pam would look like just another girl at Walmart! [/b]
  11. Vegetarian?

    [b]Vegetarians are the most unhealthy people! Every one I've seen were skinny with bad skin. Humans need at least some meat in the diet. If for nothing else, flavour! Once a vegan friend gave me lentil soup. Just lentils and water........YEECH! [/b]
  12. Ali-Baba

    [b]Went to Ali-Baba's tonite. The place is improving! The menu is much better with a Turkish flavour. I would highly recommend the Ali-Baba Platter for two! Hummus, grape leaves, tabouleh, falafel and a cheese pie and spinach pie. Very tasty! Tonite I tried Al Fakher Mint with Lemon flavour...very nice with Turkish coffee. They took my advice and will be having a weekend Belly Dancer! I'll keep everyone informed!!! [/b][url="http://www.alibabahookahbarva.com/index.html"]Ali-Baba's Website[/url]
  13. Mental Health Issues

    Hydrocodone(Vicodin) is the best pain killer! I have alot of it. I [i][b][u]do not[/u][/b][/i] use it all the time. Only when my injuries from the [b]incident [/b]give me alot of problems. I take extra strength Tylenol for pain and only go [b]hard[/b] on really bad days! I meditate alot and that helps greatly!
  14. Mental Health Issues

    [b]I have PTSD and I stopped going to the psychiatrist. He keep putting me on weird meds that was turning me into a drooling idiot! About 3 years ago I had hiccups for almost a week and a doctor prescribed "Thorazine". It cured my hiccups and helped my PTSD better than anything. The psychiatrist refused to give me a prescription saying "Lets try other stuff first!" and I basically told him to go f--k himself! I ordered 1000 tabs from India and after 2 years I'm now off all meds thanks to Thorazine and can now keep my PTSD under control myself! I still have good and bad days, but nothing like it once was![/b]
  15. Ali-Baba

    [quote name='IainUM' timestamp='1310157505' post='515190'] you're dating a chick half your age? cool [/quote] [b]I can do that at my age. If your girlfriend was 1/2 your age she'd be 10! [img]http://fix.forumify.com/img/avatars/fix/6.gif[/img] [/b]