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  1. Nhl 2011-2012 Official Thread!

    Blackhawks all day.
  2. X-Hale Hookah Lounge

    [quote name='rhineholt' timestamp='1315153490' post='522545'] Hmmm, i heard this place isn't all that great. I've heard that there are a lot of underage people there and if I'm right, they focus more on the dancing and partying aspect rather than the hookahs, making them super expensive and shitty. [/quote] Well, I have seen exactly zero dancing, and I think they do a great job with the hookahs. They generally use MAYA QT's and the owner is a very fun and cool guy. As for the underage part, I doubt there are underage people seeing that the owner himself (and only him) checks ID's at the door and will not let anyone past the counter if they do not have an ID.
  3. Hoses

    For the clear Nammor
  4. Hoses

    Price for shipping to 60014?
  5. X-Hale Hookah Lounge

    Been coming to X-Hale Hookah Lounge for about a year and was the first place I have ever smoked hookah at and I absolutely love it. Very relaxing place with a great atmosphere with plenty of TV and great music. The service is absolutely fantastic, never have waited more than 10 minutes to receive hookahs and they are fantastic (Mya QTs) Does not have a smell of burnt shisha, but just a sweet smell and well ventilated. Youa re allowed to smoke cigarettes inside, but it doesn't even smell like cigarettes! Just a sweet smelling joint! Even the prices are great, one hookah with Al Fakher shisha only $10 and refills are $5 (sometimes $2.50 if you know the staff and if the owner is in a good mood) Starbuzz and other special premium mixes are $15 with $5 refills as well. Only use Three Kings coals and the staff always comes around to replace coals and make sure we have everything that we need. However, they do not make their own food but youc an always bring your own or order a pizza to be delivered. 9.8/10. Only reason for the 9.8 is the food issue. Other than that, absolutely fantastic lounge to come to. Anyone around the Schaumburg, Illinois area needs to check this place out.
  6. My First Hookah, I Named Him Disposition

    Nice hookah! Good to see a Washington Capitals fan here!
  7. Tangerine Dream

    [b]Starbuzz Tangerine Dream [/b] [b]Hookah:[/b] Not sure. [b]Bowl:[/b] Mya [b]Screen/Foil: [/b]Metal Screen [b]Hose: Nammor[/b] [b]Coals: [b]Starbuzz QL[/b][/b] [b]Base Liquid: Water[/b] [b]Appearance: Long cut[/b] [b]Smell: Amazing, just like tangerines, could not wait to smoke it.[/b] [b]Taste: Spot on tangerine, very flavorful.[/b] [b]Smoke: SUPER THICK CLOUDS[/b] [b]Buzz: Minimal[/b] [b]Duration: 1 1/2 hours Rating: 10/10, Absolutely amazing, definitely picking up a few tins of my own! [/b]
  8. Peach

    [b]Romman Peach Setup: Hookah: Modern Hookah Water: Cold Screen/Foil: Screen Coal: 40mm Starbuzz QL Smell: [/b]HEAVY peach smell [b]Texture: [/b]Messy and juicy [b]Smoke: [/b]Thick and fluffy after a few minutes [b]Flavor:[/b] Suddle peach flavor, not too sweet [b]Rating:[/b] First time smoking the Romman, only smoked Hydro before, and i have to see this is about the same, thicker aftertaste. Definitely worth trying again. 9/10
  9. My First Hookah

    Thanks guys. Had my first session last night my friend and I must say it is FANTASTIC!
  10. My First Hookah

    Here's my first hookah, just got it today. Nothing special but i figured i would get something a little smaller then work my way up. [img]http://i1094.photobucket.com/albums/i451/chitownteg/264782_10150289024164976_588454975_9038720_6717609_n.jpg[/img]
  11. N00B Here

    Welcome! Since you're a fan of cigars, you could probably check out Starbuzz Acid, the packaging on their tins are similar to the Acid cigars, so maybe they can be related(?).
  12. Hello From Chicago!

    Thanks guys, glad to be here. My hookah should be in sometime today so i will get pictures up asap!
  13. Welcome to Hookah Forum! We are glad you joined us :) Please review our Forum Rules located here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/45-forum-rules/ Thanks again and have fun!

  14. Hello From Chicago!

    Hell everyone! Corey here from a suburb of Chicago called Crystal Lake and I'm in the process of acquiring and am extremely excited to start using it! Not too sure of the brand or style, but i will post some pics asap!