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  1. it's pointless, it doesn't hold heat very well and forget about even heat distribution.
  2. [url="http://www.puffweb.com/e-hookah-review/"]http://www.puffweb.com/e-hookah-review/[/url] lolwut? Has anyone tried this?
  3. LMFAO omg I died...and that comment LOLOLOL Seriously what the hell? clearly they know nothing about hookah. Why don't they point out the fact that one SINGLE cigarette contains 567 addictive substances? just ONE. Smoke is bad yes, but if you get natural coals you'll be just fine. Mainstream hookah tobacco contains very little nicotine and being passed among three people obviously each person will be getting a lot less nicotine in. Wow. Yay for misinforming the world<3
  4. 5Starhookah.com Reviews

    I actually went directly to the store and was kind of dissapointed because I had to wait for so long to get help because it's a hookah supply/pizzeria, otherwise they had a lot more selection in some brands that you can't find anywhere else, they had the Shiazo steam stones which no other store carries. They didn't have the hose I wanted which kind of sucked but online it said they did have it :| and when I called and asked everything that's online is at the store and I can get it right? the girl said yes, but wasn't the case. I would come back for the hose I want and the big buckets of AF, it's a good place to just stock up and not worry about supplies for a while. They gave pretty good deals on their stuff too. I do hear good things about people who actually ordered online though.
  5. Hookah Sickness?

    this is why i don't like to smoke alone, it's just too much smoke and you feel weak and tired. It helps to have those breaks in between smoking and like others said drink a lot of water or gatorade. It really does help to keep hydrated.
  6. Tallest Hookah

    I'm not sure about a personal hookah but if you live anywhere near hollywood check out Hollywood Hookah lounge lol they have the worlds biggest hookah
  7. Km Or Mya?

    lol dude wow this was awesome
  8. Km Or Mya?

    Lmfao got the CEO of Mya himself. WOW! LOL. HIRE ME!!! lol
  9. Marhaba Tobacco

    okay I'll try both brands, thanks
  10. I'm gonna get a small pack of the Lemon and give it a try
  11. Marhaba Tobacco

    [quote name='vendetta_revived' timestamp='1308743708' post='513376'] Marhaba is available in India, but not in my city, I heard about it from one of the other Indian members here, and he too said to me that their mint is the most strongest, freshest mint he has had, but I can't back it since I've never tried that tobacco. [/quote] yeah I read that same post I want to try it SO BAD I'm a mint smoker, I'll smoke anything with mint and I can't seem to find anything stronger than AF. To those of you who have bought the nuhose, did you buy it online? it's been days and I still haven't recieved mine and I ordered it on the 18th I'm wondering if that's normal for it to take so long even via fedex. How annoying.
  12. Marhaba Tobacco

    [quote name='MichaelLCP' timestamp='1308610380' post='513239'] I live in CA and have never heard of that shisha. As far as your nuhose goes, yes it will fit your MYA [/quote] thanks i thought no one was going to answer this LOL
  13. Marhaba Tobacco

    oh and another question lol, I just ordered a nuhose, will it fit into my small size mya? it wouldn't matter right?
  14. Who Smokes To Forget Shit In Your Life?

    I used to go to my ex bffs house everyday and smoke and talk about all the things that bothered us. It was a really nice time. Too bad she turned out to be a bitch but other than that I miss those nights....I still smoke everyday lol it's just not the same when it's your bf or some friend you have you know? :/ this made me sad