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  1. angekfire

    Views On Dubstep?

    I like some dubstep, and dislike others. I can't even find 1 artist who doesn't have any songs I dislike. I do like some Drum & Bass as well, and some Trip Hop, but I've been mostly just sorta scratched the surface with the electronic genres.
  2. angekfire

    What's Everyones Favorite Cigar?

    I enjoy flavoured cigars, and Colts & Captain Black. If I am buying locally, which I rarely do. I think my favorite is Romeo & Juliet cubans though.
  3. I was born with Asthma, and was hospitalized multiple times as a kid. Now, it only really affects me if I'm running or doing intense cardio.    I don't smoke shisha every day, I would say I do 2-4 bowls a week, at most. Some weeks I don't smoke at all, but either way I have never had any issues.
  4. angekfire

    No Time For Hookah?

    I just haven't had much free social time lately, and since I don't smoke alone, that means I haven't had a lot of time to smoke. I've probably smoked maybe 4 times since mid July.
  5. angekfire

    Epic Rap Battles Of History

    They are pretty hit or miss. Some are great, some are meh.
  6. [quote name='Epoch' timestamp='1319658071' post='528996'] [quote name='angekfire' timestamp='1319657102' post='528992'] [indent=1]So I take it Nakhla requires more heat than most other types if you can just place the coal right on top of the shisha? I mostly smoke Nak, but I'm still looking for the best way to heat manage it.[/indent] [/quote] Yes, you can smoke any Nakhla without foil, and it is tasty. Most still prefer it the normal way, though! [/quote] Do you still move the coal around for heat management or do you just leave it in one place? Obviously if it gets harsh I'd move it, I'm just curious.
  7. [indent=1]So I take it Nakhla requires more heat than most other types if you can just place the coal right on top of the shisha? I mostly smoke Nak, but I'm still looking for the best way to heat manage it.[/indent]
  8. angekfire

    Occupy Wallstreet: Discuss

    The other issue is that these huge corporations that can afford to pay a CEO 40 million get tax breaks and taxed a lot smaller percentage than the individual trying to pay his mortgage and provide for their family while working a middle-income type job. But hell, think of all the jobs they could create by even halving that salary? Think of all the jobs 20 million dollars could provide. Those jobs in turn would give more people jobs, so less people on social assistance, but also they would have extra money to help them as a consumer and to bolster the economy further. A 20 million dollar salary is still ridiculously excessive considering everything, but still.
  9. angekfire

    Occupy Wallstreet: Discuss

    [quote name='Giant Ninja Robot' timestamp='1319641539' post='528938'] And maybe the arts have more of a place and benefit in society than we give credit to. It's shortsighted to follow that line of thought. Do billions of people watch movies? Listen to music? Read books? Admire paintings? Clearly there is value to the arts that is not respected by the likes of society, there is benefit reaped but little respect paid to those who do it. And do we really need any more doctors who got into it primarily for the financial security, as opposed to those who desire to heal people? [/quote] The thing about art is it is subjective. People may love your work, people may hate your work, people may be indifferent towards your work. Yes, the arts have a place in society, and it is an important place. The reality is that there is an overabundance of various artists, and the market is fairly limited. Making a film requires funding, and you aren't going to get the funding unless you can beat out the other 10,000 scripts they have had to read this month. For every Steven Spielberg you have a Uwe Bol. If you took one of the arts because it is your passion, then good for you, university helped you improve yourself and get better at something you love. But the arts is the last place to look if you want a job fresh out of school with some stability, unless the job you want is making people coffee. You cannot expect to take whatever program, spend thousands of dollars doing it, and have a 6 figure job when you are done. It isn't a reasonable expectation. I have a friend who took philosophy. The guy is incredible to converse and debate with, but he works retail now because quite frankly, there aren't a ton of jobs that have the requirement of a philosophy major. And its not like he graduated in the last year or 2. He has been out of college for probably closer to 10 years. And you know what? Would you rather have a doctor who dislikes what he does, but is there to treat you when you get sick or injured, or would you rather not have a doctor there at all, and have to wait 12 hours to finally get treated by a guy who loves what he does?
  10. angekfire

    Occupy Wallstreet: Discuss

    [quote name='Giant Ninja Robot' timestamp='1319641376' post='528937'] And in the meanwhile we all work jobs that do no real service to the populace other than feeding the machine, our own happiness be damned. Wouldn't the world work way more efficiently if people went into a field they desired and were able to be financially solvent doing what they enjoyed and were good at? That's the premise we were sold on.[/quote] And how many people actually do that? I know plenty of people who grew up with that view and have been working at a job they hate their whole life. If I love playing video games and eating cheetos, should I be able to have lucrative career as a game tester or a cheeto taster? Should I be able to make a decent living doing that? I am all for happiness, I am all for spreading the wealth a bit more evenly, but for every middle class joe (myself included in this demographic) working their ass off and paying taxes, there is another person leeching on social assistance. The government is catering to the upper class, and trying to satisfy the lower class, while ignoring the middle class who is left carrying all the weight. Yes, this is wrong, yes I am all for this movement, but you have to take accountability for your own decision, because they have consequences. I am not all for the government simply forgiving all student debt, that is absurd. You took on the debt yourself, nobody held a gun to your head, it is your responsibility to pay that back. If you took on 80 thousand dollars of debt without doing the research on the employability of your degree when you got out, that is your own fault, you signed for that student loan knowing you would have to pay it back. Yes, I feel bad if you got into a field that was big when you entered school but crashed in the last year or 2. That wasn't a forseen circumstance and I do feel bad, it wasn't your fault. But for the people who go into fields which haven't had good job prospects for years, it is your own fault. If you took philisophy or art history, those fields haven't exactly been lucrative in a very long time. Sure, in the current climate maybe be a little more lenient and freeze interest rates for those unemployed or something, but governments flat out CANNOT afford to just erase all student debt. The system does not run on fairy dust. [quote name='Giant Ninja Robot' timestamp='1319641376' post='528937'] There's a huge glaring issue with the Santa Claus analogy. SANTA CLAUS WAS NEVER REAL. But once upon a time, in the not so distant past, the way we were told things work? WORKED. And you can't honestly expect a child to be able to make reasonably weighed decisions about their future in an adult manner while they're still children can you? That goes against the very seperation of childhood and adulthood. Personally I think we force kids to grow up WAY too fast to rush them into an adult world they are oft ill prepared for, and expecting a child to be an adult just makes no sense whatsoever. Maturity comes with time and experience. In the past people could afford to go to school, sort out there major there, knowing that most fields they went into would yield a beneficial career. Not so anymore. It was a bait and switch. Not a Santa Claus myth. [/quote] And times change, it is a person's responsiblity to adapt to these changes. At one point we also didn't have automobiles, was that a bait & switch on equestrian trainers who once had some amazing career for life? Things change, and as you grow up, you should quickly realize your parents do not hold all the answers. You need to be able to think for yourself, and you need to think about the employability of whatever you choose to go into, if you choose to do post secondary. It is not: 1) Go to university. 2) ??? 3) Profit. Like Ray's example, my parents discussed post secondary with me when I graduated high school. They asked what I wanted to do. I didn't know. I took a year to figure that out. Then I figured it out and went to college. When I graduated most of my class couldn't find work, and this was a program that was supposed to make us employable pretty much anywhere. I have a job. It is not the job I had imagined, but it is a job and is partially related to my education. The job market in my city for my field is not the best. I would need to relocate to have a hope of finding something more in line with what I had imagined. Is it the system's fault for it? No. I should have looked into what kind of real prospects were out there, not what the college told me was out there. I am not going to blame the system, the responsiblity was mine, and I am going to take accountability for it. You are right though, you cannot expect children to make adult decisions. Which is why it is their responsibility to wait and make the right decision instead of rushing and making an uneducated one because "all the COOL kids are going to post secondary", or because "My dad said I need a university diploma to get a job, so I took philosophy because it is something I like". You cannot blame the system for rushing children to make these life changing decisions which require a substantial financial and time investment. If it is mommy and daddy telling you to go to university for whatever you like, that is not the system that failed, that is mommy and daddy who failed at being educated about how the world has changed since their mommy and daddy told them that.
  11. angekfire

    What Makes You Tip Well?

    [quote name='SaintPendulous' timestamp='1319607536' post='528888'] also i usually dont tip when theres gratuity added, their making you tip so i dont think any extra is necessary [/quote] This is also true. I remember a bunch of friends went out for dinner once, and for parties over X number of people the gratuity was added to the bill but nobody mentioned it. Most people didn't look at the bill, paid it and tipped. The server gladly accepted the tips without any mention of the gratuity already being added. After a few people had paid, someone noticed and told everyone, and they were pissed that they had effectively double tipped. One of them later complained to the owned who offered a free gift card, but they refused to ever go back there.
  12. angekfire

    Occupy Wallstreet: Discuss

    [quote name='Giant Ninja Robot' timestamp='1319633115' post='528914'] Enjoy settling for less for yourself, but I wont let your voice, or lack thereof, speak for me. And I might add: When an entire generation is graduating with degrees they paid an insane amount for, because as CHILDREN they were told it works this way, and they graduate to find they just paid 80 fucking thousand dollars for a piece of paper that means nothing because there are no jobs to be found because money has been sequestered out of circulation because there's no fucking middle class to circulate the money anymore....well. They have a right to be pissed. And to actively change a bullshit system that caters to those in charge and those financially backing those in charge.[/quote] You are also told as CHILDREN that Santa Clause and the tooth fairy exist. Depending on how you were raised, if you were raised religious, to may have also been raised to believe that Jesus Christ is our lord and saviour, or that Allah dictates X and X. When you make the decision to go to school, it needs to be an educated one, and one you view as an adult. You need to take a serious look at the cost/benefit of going to post secondary and taking something that WILL land you a job, as opposed to just taking something because as a child you were told that is how things work. As a child I was told a fat man comes down my chimney once a year to deliver presents if I am good. I was told if I lose a tooth and leave it under my pillow I will receive money. That doesn't make it true. Likewise, being told as a child that post-secondary is what everyone must do is a load of crap too. It is up to us as individuals to do the research into the job we want BEFORE you drop down 80 grand in hopes of a great job when you get out. We have to take accountability for ourselves and our actions. If you can't afford to go to post secondary, then maybe you should be doing what you can afford instead of taking out loans that you cannot afford under the false pretenses that you will have an amazing 6 figure job just by investing 80 grand and 5 years of your life. If my parents told me that giving 80 grand to someone now would allow me to collect 200k a year for the rest of my life, starting in 5 years from now, I would be a little skepticle. I would do my research into where the money would go and how it would convert into this money. And if everyone getting degrees in things that make them unemployable did the research themselves in advance, maybe they would have made a different choice instead of taking what their parents said at face value. Maybe instead of a degree in art history and working at starbucks or being unemployed, they would have went into medicine and become a doctor. Maybe they would have gone into a field that is actually in demand. Maybe go into a trade and get an apprenticeship. An investment of x thousand dollars and X years doesn't entitle you to shit.
  13. Thanks for the info, I'll be looking in the how-to section for how to make a ghetto one when I have a chance.
  14. Do wind covers actually make a difference when smoking indoors with no substantial breeze/moving air?
  15. angekfire

    What Makes You Tip Well?

    There are a couple realities to waiting, and they cannot be avoided whether you like it or not. First, some people are bad tippers, or don't tip, for whatever reason. Give them the best service they've ever seen and it won't make a difference. Give them the worst, and you're going to get the same, but probably a complaint to the manager in addition. Secondly, realize different people tip differently depending on the venue. Someone who may tip 20% at a normal sit in restaurant may only tip 10% at a buffet/mongolian BBQ type place. Third, realize some people will tip more in different circumstances. A guy on a first date with a girl where he is paying might tip more in an attempt to impress her or make her think he well off/money is not an object. I usually tip around 10% at a buffet. You are not bringing me my food, I am getting it myself. All you have to do to get my 10% tip, is make sure to refill my drink frequently (I usually get water, and I drink a lot of it), and make sure my empty plates are gone by the time I get back with another plate. Bring the bill promptly, and you'll get a 10% tip. Don't do these things, and I may drop a 5% tip, and if it is really horrible service, maybe no tip (very rare, maybe done twice ever). On the other hand if you find a way to go above and beyond, I will tip around 15%-20%. At a buffet, I generally do not want to talk to the server. Ask what I'd like to drink, bring me that. Ask me if I'm ready for the bill when I look like I am done, and bring it to me. Say thank you once I have paid and am leaving. If I need anything else from you, I will ask. At normal sit in places, I tip at around 15% for average service. Bring me my food correctly, hot, and bring it fast. If it is cold, I will not be happy. If it is wrong, I will not be happy. If I complain about either, and you don't make a fuss and fix it ASAP, I will still tip around the 15% mark, as long as you are friendly and attentive. Don't make excuses or blame the cook, just apologize and fix it. I don't care why it is wrong, or if it is the cook's fault, that isn't my problem. Keep my drink refilled or offer to leave the pitcher and I will be happy. Be genuinely friendly, or go above and beyond, and I will leave 20%-25%. I have tipped 50% once or twice, but the service was truly outstanding, and the server was incredibly personable. For delivery, I usually tip 2-3 dollars. My orders are usually at least $25. If its over $35, I will tip closer to 4-5. I expect my food within an hour, if not, I am not going to be happy, and regardless of the amount, you'll likely get a $1 tip.