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  1. Mashawi Lounge In Houston

    very nice i am visiting from north carolina. will definitely check the place out. [quote name='Patrick' timestamp='1279480041' post='475486'] I just wanted to post my opinion and invite EVERYONE in Houston to come by! [b]Hookah:[/b] They use nothing but Al Fahker, they get rid of the extra syrup, and pack it very well (a head can last up to 2 1/2 hours!). One hookah for as many people as you want is $9.78 with taxes included (as opposed to $14.95 +tax at other places). They use starlight coals, which I use myself... amazing. [b]Food:[/b] Though I haven't tried all their foods, what I have tried has been spot on! The prices are very reasonable, their alfredo for example is only a few bucks! [b]Environment:[/b] Usually pretty quiet, chill, the usual. One thing I personally appreciate is what's on tv, they usually have Mazika Television on or something like it, it really adds to the experience. The owners are very personable, and very cool to be around. The only downside to the place, is on Friday and Saturday there are a couple big groups of very disrespectful people that frequent the place, just steer clear of them and mind your own. I hope this was beneficial to you all, I hope to see some of you there! Happy smoking!!! [/quote]
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