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  1. That trumpet vase seems to have very similar painting/art to my vase. I have lots of issues with the black chipping off from even getting slightly wet... I don't know if this is so common its worth saying but just wanted to throw it out there. It does look sick with the og tri though!
  2. I've been using two coconara's cut in half with a normal pack on MCherry and it smokes great. I left i out for about 4 hours and it was fine... I live in CO though so I don't really have humidity issues up here :/ Also, recently learned, if you mix it 50/50 with New Lime you get a fantastic Cherry Limeade.
  3. Got my white narbish v4 in the mail today. Already in love with this hose. The rope handle seems like it will be more resilient to dirt than I had thought. I think i'll get a KM beast after tax season and see where I end up with. Thanks everyone!
  4. Awesome, thanks for the heads up guys. I think I'll pass on the Darwish and just go with the KM Beast and the white hose. Already love my first KM, doubt it would be any different with the second one.
  5. I've searched and searched for more information on these Darwish Hookahs and can't seem to find any ([url="http://www.5starhookah.com/Darwish_c129.htm"]http://www.5starhookah.com/Darwish_c129.htm[/url]) Are they just oxidized MYAs or something different? 5 star shows them with Mya hoses but I don't know what to think. Do they have the open chamber where you pull/purge (sorry if my terms aren't correct) or are they separate like a KM? I love the look but aren't sure. I've also been eyeing the KM Beast hookahs. Haven't seen any reviews on them but they appear to be nice smaller hookahs with that nice KM jumbo vase. I have a 32in KM already and am looking for something a bit smaller that would be easier to transport. The paint on my vase got chipped the one time I brought it to a friends house and I don't want to risk anymore damage. I checked the review section and it didn't have any (unless I'm blind) anyone have a review link or experience with one? As for hoses. I'm in love with the Narbish v4 white hose...but I'm worried about it getting overly dirty in the handle and looking ugly as hell. Anyone have one they use a lot and know if the white stays nice and clean or is it a recipe for disaster?
  6. I am in love with Schnozberry. Mixes well and its so very good by itself. Peach Iced Tea is another great fruity flavor.
  7. Received my shipment today. Two KM hooahs and some Tangiers Breakfast. Everything was packaged great. The vases, stems, and bowls were all bubble wrapped in a sea of packing peanuts. The extras for the hookahs were in a nice and easy to find baggie with everything included. Now the one issue. I understand that KMs are hand made and are not always represented perfectly in the pictures. However, one of the stems I received was way off of the photo. To a point where it looked like a cheap knockoff of what I ordered. This is obviously not their fault but I wanted to see what my options were so I called them up. I think I got a hold of them around 920 PST. Talked with someone and they told me to email them a photo and they would get back to me. i followed the instructions and waited and hour and figured I would use their live chat service to get an update. On live chat speaking with "El Camino" she told me to send a photo (which I already had) and they would get back to me later that morning. 4pm PST rolls around and I haven't heard from them. Tried live chat again and sat around for about 30min and nothing so I called. Finally some help. They checked out the photo and are going to send me a new stem to replace the ugly one. I was happy when I finally got a hold of someone that was willing to take my call. Its a shame it took so long though. Like I said, I know this wasn't intentional so I'm not holding it against them. Overall I'd say 8/10 I would order from them again for sure due to my experience. Just hopefully not something that would require help from their customer service.
  8. I smoke while I play fighting games like Street Fighter 4 or Marvel vs Capcom. Its nice in between matches and since there can be a large gap of time between matches, you're getting a good amount of smoking time in. Its really nice for RPG games too. Since they're single player and go at your pace they make a perfect smoking game. Hookah + Games is the way to be.
  9. Fantasia Pumpkin Spice AF Vanilla Nak Cinnamon I do just under half pumpkin spice and then split the vanilla and cinnamon for the rest. This is the best pumpkin pie I've had / been able to come up with.
  10. I've smoked Nak Earl Grey out of a vortex and funnel and never had issues. I just pack it like tangiers and use cocos. Noticeable difference from sprinkling it in the bowl.
  11. Thanks for the responses. They have some other charcoal colored stems that i think I might settle on instead. I already have a nammor hose so i was planning on using the new hose with this one for a specific flavor. Maybe make it a floral hose or something who knows. I can't get over how sweet that stem is. I think i'm going to pass on this base and get a different charcoal stem KM instead. I'll be sure to post pictures and a review when I get it.
  12. Hey HF, first time making a topic here...so hopefully I'm doing this right. I'm considering purchasing a KM from hookahcompany.com I haven't seen some of the hookahs before and they're beautiful and reasonably priced. My questions are about the vases and trays. Some of these vases look fantastic in the pictures but remind me of my Nammor hookah base a lot in that it looked sick in the picture but when I got in person it wasn't as contrasted as I would like. I'm specifically referring to this hookah [url="http://www.hookahcompany.com/oom_khalil_mamoon_hookah_5845_prd1.htm"]http://www.hookahcompany.com/oom_khalil_mamoon_hookah_5845_prd1.htm[/url] The vase looks great but I don't want a washed out white when I get it. Any clue on how this is going to look in person? Also, that hookah doesn't have a KM tray. I know it may be silly to some, but is that something important I should keep an eye out for? I've never owned a KM hookah before so I don't know everything about what I would be purchasing. However, I want to make sure i'm getting something of quality and not almost good. Any advice on this would be great. Thanks!
  13. Hookah has ruined all of my relationships in my life... My dog even left me because of all the tar seeping from my lungs into my skin and then it comes out my pores. I said it on the internet so it must be taken as 100% fact right?
  14. Fusion has a hazelnut flavor... I've been meaning to try it but nobody I know has ever used it.
  15. Welcome to Hookah Forum! Thanks for joining us :) Please be sure to thoroughly read our Forum Rules located here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/45-forum-rules/ Thanks and have fun!

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