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  1. AF gum has kind of a powdery sweet taste (like bubble gum) id say add some vanilla to that and youd be pretty close to a marshmallow flavor.
  2. I decided to give lucid a try after having mixed results with regular tangiers. What I ordered was 250g of lucid passion fruit, box of coco naras, and a razan hose As I've already used coco naras and razans im more interested in what people have to say about the tangiers and what I can expect from it. Also any tips on packing it would be greatly appreciated as well.
  3. I believe I have all these beat. Ok we were on spring break 2 years ago and I was with a few guys from my fraternity at one of their lake houses and we were all pretty drunk and one of my friends walked through the hose while somone was smoking knocking the hookah and the table it was on over as he fell to the ground. he got back up and we picked up the coals off the burnt carpet and a second later we noticed his head was smoking and told him in a very natural fashion (smacking the spot where it was smoking) so what happened was as he fell the hookah fell on him knocking one of the coals into his hooded sweatshirt (not his, one of the other guys lent it to him) and the coal burnt all the way through.
  4. I know many of you have tried the new Lucid line already, so this question is directed towards you. I was wondering if the flavor on the Lucid line is comparable to that of the regular tangiers line. I know all the benefits mentioned prior (ease of use and whatnot) but wanted to know if it was as good. Also i was wondering if anyone knew if more flavors were going to be released anytime soon?
  5. Betts


    i believe its spelled jawaher as they use two hookahs to make the H. I actually just saw this for the first time as well Sunday and agree that the flavors sound really strange. I mean what does a diamond taste like? It doesn't sound like it would be pleasant. although it costs $22 where i saw it (same price as starbuzz there). And im sorry but without some reviews or something i refuse to see what a topaz tastes for 22 dollars...
  6. I ordered the buy 10 get 10 deal last week and the first of the 10 pack of grapes that I recieved smelled and smoked just fine. its dated feb 2008, so I dont know whats going on, or if its just every so often there is a bad batch, but every batch ive recieved, this being the third since fall, has been fine. maybe im just lucky. Either way it's a great flavor and hopefully they work on quality control so they dont keep losing customers. A side note I also got peach, mango, and cocktail and all of them are good. Peach is one of my new favorites.
  7. Betts

    Sweet Flavors

    wow this came back out of nowhere, thanks for all the help and ill definitely try the layalina watermelon, and the passion fruit, as well as the af grape
  8. Betts

    Sweet Flavors

    well by sweet flavors i mean like good fruit flavors. out of what i tried my favorites have been AF esk apple, fusion cactus pear, starbuzz x on the beach, fumari exotic mango and tropical punch and guava. i just like sweeter flavors while others that tend to be milder fruit flavors i dont tend to like as much.
  9. well i also asked about the acrylic inserts on the minerva. i was wondering if anyone owned a minerva and could comment on it. or if someone owned a mahmoon and has tried a SS of about a similar size and could tell which is built better or smokes better. i understand they are all good hookahs, thats why i choose them after hearing from people that both are reputable companies but i want more, basically anything i can find that would help me make a decision. thanks to everyone who has helped so far and i hope some other have even more to offer so i can make my final decision.
  10. Betts


    im pretty sure im gonna order some guava raz cause you guys seem to suggest it, but what are the other flavors like and what do they compare to. also is there any word on the new flavors. i also heard good things about orange so if anyone knows anything about it that would be helpful.
  11. Betts

    Sweet Flavors

    ok please people i would like to know the sweeter flavors. i have after nine and dont find it to be sweet at all, and i smoke alot of fumari, so im mainly looking for flavors by other brands that i am not as familiar with, such as AF, layalina, starbuzz, fusion, and others. most of which ive only tried 1 or 2 flavors from.
  12. after all the flavors ive smoked the sweeter ones have seem to quickly become my favorite. so if anyone can suggest some sweet flavors before i make my next i would really appreciate it.
  13. Betts


    ok i think ill get some guava rasberry then. i was wondering what other flavors are good. i normally like sweet fruit flavors so keep that in mind, but am open to just about any good flavor.
  14. i know they are all good but does anyone have any good info that would tell me which is the best, and why. and what is with the acrylic inserts on the minerva. so if anyone owns one of these or has used one please let me know your opinion. thanks for the responses so far, but if im going to buy one of these soon i need to know more about them.