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  1. You can buy my slightly used Mod for $50.
  2. Tech school for me, best career decision I ever made.
  3. I think you should make one with a base of a skull with snakes coming out of his eyes, or a wizard! Yeah a wizard!
  4. Sears is having a sale until 5am CT. Just got mine with AAA discount for $14. CH QL's are on the way with my OG Tri.
  5. onionz

    Tangiers Flavor

    Sounds good Michael. Will try with my next bag. The scent is like half gone after I acclimate it. Guess I was being too catious.
  6. I have let my two latest flavors acclimate overnight. The smoke production is off the charts. However the flavor is not that strong. When I first open the bag I don't smell soy sauce just the proper strong flavor. Do I not need acclimating or maybe just a lesser amount? The two flavors are Spearmint and Horchata.
  7. HaMFy Birthday Ryan. Hope you have a great one buddy.

  8. onionz

    Sahara Lounge

    Nice place. Comphy furniture. Hip hop and techno on the radio. Very young college vibe. Offered SB, AF, and House mix which was good but expensive. The food is supurb. I ordered the Vegetarian combo. The pita was hot and hand made. The hummous had a drizzle of chili sauce on it that really made the dish. Staff is ready and willing to serve and coals are out frequently. A+ for the staff, wireless internet, and food. Have been here several times and might go back tomorrow.
  9. onionz

    Isis Cafe And Grill

    I met a friend here the other day. Nice atmosphere. Middle Eastern music was playing and it rocked! I ordered a fallafel sandwich to eat. It was ok, a little small, but the fries were awesome! They offered AF and SB. The prices were reasonable but I think they charged for every soda. My bill came to around $30 for 1 hookah of SB, falafel sandwich w/ fries, and 3-4 diet sodas. The staff was a bit rude but responded to all requests. The girl at the next table was wicked cute too. My primary motivator to go back
  10. onionz

    Wtb: Orange Nammor Hose

    H-S got them in stock. You can remove this post, mod.
  11. onionz

    Its Been Awhile....

    A mash is creating wort from pure grain. The correct term you'ree looking for is extract. Start with a good extract, fresh hops, and a good yeast and you won't be dissappointed. My first batch was in a 5gal glass carb. I had so much beer, lol. Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk
  12. onionz

    Fs: Mya Qt, Sheecool Hookah, Tangiers

    Will you take $10 for the Bug Powder?
  13. I actually posted back to this thread a few daays ago but forgot to hit "Post", lol. I packed a full bowl and used 2 QLs and was in heaven! Full flavor, massive smoke, and nice head buzz. Only broblem is it tasted burnt when I changed the coals. I emptied the bowl and it was pretty much used up not only burned on the top half. This was with Romman tobbac. The next bowl was Tang M Cherry with one coal. No burning, and after the second round of coals I had to go to sleep cause it was so late. Most of the bowl was still juicy! Smoked great and maybe 1 stem in the whole bag. Really impressive stuff.
  14. H-S is all sold out. Anyone gat an orange hose for sale?