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  1. That reminds me.. Gotta go pick up the kids >.<
  2. breaktime

    Phoenicia Specialty Foods, Houston

    This is where i stock up when im on that side of town.. Love that place
  3. breaktime

    Who Smokes To Forget Shit In Your Life?

    It is a good thing to take time to realign your thoughts, and to step back from what is pushing you through your day. Whether it is having a coffee, reading a book, or staring at the ceiling, or putting a coal on the hookah. Take a little time in your day to determine if you are walking through your life, or if you are getting dragged by the ankle... And adjust it accordingly. I might have to make this my footnote..
  4. As long as the chores are done, I can always find a good excuse to enjoy myself. Life is good.
  5. [attachment=5504:hookah.jpg] I'm just sayin... lol