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  1. Hookah coal

    Have you checked online stores to start with? Usually that's the optimal way.
  2. Well, if it's low enough in the stem to not get heated up to high temps (basically if it's at least a bit away from the bowl) so it won't get hot, then I reckon anything that's good for dishes should be ok. However I don't know how well it adheses to metal, so I guess just wait and see, then report back if it works after a few days! I reckon it should though.
  3. That is not normal at all. I've never had a stem leak. It's happened after a few years of use but never right off the bat. And loctite, is it soluble at all? You need something that is completely safe after it's dried to breathe air that comes in contact with and also shouldn't be soluble.
  4. Help please

    Upload to a site like imgur or something and link it here if you want. As for what you broke, I don't know for sure, it sounds like you broke something, even though 70€ is not cheap. Where did you get your pipe from and what brand is it?
  5. That is actually a pretty cool idea!
  6. Help please

    What is the half up part? Maybe add a picture to your post. Also, what brand of pipe, if it's cheap and poorly made it could be broken or loose.
  7. Hello from NY!

    Hello and welcome!
  8. Is the hose restrictive on it's own?
  9. It sounds to me like you have a leak between the stem and the vase. If this hookah has a chamber where the hose ports lead to and such rather than being totally open then the leak could be in there. Pics would help a little. I had a crack in my downstem just above water level on my previous pipe and the symptoms were very similar.  Alternatively it could just be a very tight draw pipe. Give individual parts a test and see what the source of the tight draw could be, usually it would be the hose port but you can't exclude other parts of the pipe really.
  10. Essential Oils

    Nah, it's a bad idea to smoke anything not meant to be smoked. Hell, it's not healthy to smoke anything as it is
  11. Hello from Uruguay

    What do you need help with, I'd be happy to answer any questions!
  12. Hey, I've been smoking lots of Al Waha blueberry, it's good stuff!
  13. Hello Hookah Forum

    Go to your profile and edit from there, just either click on your name by a post of yours or on the top corner of your screen to get to your profile, you should be able to edit from there!
  14. Hello!! Im a newbie to forums!!

    If you like orange I recommend giving Al Waha a go, pretty damned delicious!
  15. Anyone else here a fan of B movies?

    Man, sharktopus is where it's at. And it's sequels. Looking forward to watching sharktopus vs. whalewolf with my friend who loves shit movies on monday! Really if it has shark in the name I probably wanna watch it... Also generally B horror is where I like to go for fun sometimes.