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  1. Update me

    So you gave the KM stuff a try? Looking forward to a review, might have a way to get that online and if it's good I might just resort to solely online purchases from now on, local shop I've been buying from forever decided to completely stop selling nakhla products (all their stuff including mizo) and only sell AF at a ridiculous price (we're talking 35€ for 250g).
  2. Moved to the right section. As for your actual question, try getting pics of the bowl uploaded so we can see the problem, I've never used a vortex myself but I'm sure someone can take a look and see if it's broken!
  3. Hehe, he's probably just enjoying the peach so much he forgot we exist.
  4. Hello from London

    It's the apple where it's really at, double apple that is  Mizo Peach though, you need that in your life. And their other flavors are good too :D
  5. i am new user

    Welcome man!
  6. Hello from London

    Welcome! I share your problem of no tangiers in the EU, I don't know what the status with nakhla and nakhla mizo is in the UK, but I recommend you get familiar with them, mizo has some real winners!
  7. What's up everyone, I'm new to HF.

    Doesn't matter what you're in it for, as long as you enjoy it! Welcome to the forum!
  8. My chances are straight up zero :D
  9. The cool minty/"fresh" thing they're going for kills it for me, I just wish it was like a sweet blueberry flavor, no added bonus :P
  10. FS: Tangiers Tobacco (different flavors)

    I'm out of the states so it'd be insane expensive to ship it over, but I'm pretty sure you should have some interested parties :D
  11. Nice order man, that peach is gonna take you on a magical fucking journey. I guarantee it.
  12. AF blueberry, just as disappointing as I remember :D
  13. First, check your pipe for leaks (cover the top with your hand, blow in/inhale, make sure there is not even a single leak. Second, Nakhla is pretty great, so that should not be the problem Your heat management and packing of it might be. Get some photos of your bowl packing process uploaded.  Third, I've never tried the coals you're using, no idea if they are good or if they leave any taste in the smoke, so that could be a problem. Finally, I own a chimney thing for my bowl, and quite frankly foil is much better for Nakhla. Just use foil on a regular bowl and don't bother with the chimney unless you're smoking something really wet.   Hope that helps a bit!
  14. Newer Dog Lover

    Puppy! I know I'm a full day late, sorry! He's a bit older now but my phone camera is a piece of shit!