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  1. There are a couple in my area, one called Marrakech is a chill relaxed place most of the time, but recently its been crowded with High schoolers. Anywhom, their charge is between 6-12 bucks depending on how many people there are. No cover, they used to have amazing hummus until the smoking ban ended that. The other place, called ishtar, is a little cheaper, and not nearly as good.
  2. Personally, i try to smoke as little as i can during the week, because what happens on the weekends is ill go to a friends house, get drunk, and throughout the night smoke about 3-4 bowls. Something about being drunk makes me wanna smoke....
  3. yeah, the shots are pretty good for bowls, i really like using them. Ive never bought any but the guy who's opening a hookah bar next to me gives me flavors to sample and he always gives me little hookah hookah shots. THey are convenient when you dont feel like going into the cabinet and bustin out the tubs of your other brands, or when you get to a friends house and realize you forgot to bring the shisha.
  4. Ive been smokin hookah for over a year now, and have never in my life smoked a cigarette, and i dont plan to. About half of the hookah smokers i know smoke cigarettes as well, so its a fair assumption.
  5. QUOTE (imagelessdude @ Feb 12 2007, 07:46 AM) I honestly think smoking in the [parked] car at night while listening to good music is amazingly relaxing. Anyone agree? Yes....i have a van........yes.
  6. QUOTE (JRT @ Feb 6 2007, 10:11 PM) I really like this deal, any chance that anyone who has ordered and smoked it can post a review on how the shisha smokes? That case would last a long time and the price is incredible but I would hate to buy it without a few reviews incase older shisha doesn's smoke well etc I just got my shipment and have smoked my pineapple, banana, and melon so far. The melon was fantastic, the banana was good, and the pineapple was meh. Ive never smoked pineapple so i dont know if it is just a bland flavor in itself or what. If you want ill post more reviews on my shipment, however it wont be for a little while cuz now im sick and i dont like to smoke when im sick.
  7. What i really wanna know is what could possibly be creating all of those metals? I think its gotta be the aluminum foil and the quick lites. I would really like to see another experiment done with a screen and natural wood coals, like Nour or something.
  8. I like many other people, knew that hookah smoking was bad for you, i mean putting anything in your lungs besides oxygen is gonna be bad for you. I am glad that they did this study and i hope more are conducted to compile a large amount of data. I'm not gonna stop smoking hookah because i enjoy it, (and am probably gonna work at a hookah bar now ). However, if more studies like this come out i will definitely think twice about when i load up a bowl, and maybe cut down my amount of sessions per week.
  9. About the hand burning thing, a few weeks ago i was putting the bowl on the top of my stem where you have to screw this little metal piece in. Well, the metal piece had always just stuck in the grommet/bowl combo, and i had never really bothered to take it out. So i was putting it on and the metal piece flies out and hits the ashtray and *phoom* coals go everywhere and one lands on my hand and melts to my hand. Im swinging my hand around like crazy and it wouldnt come off until i smacked it on to my floor. Meanwhile, broken coals are everywhere burning into my new carpet and i just douse the entire area repeatedly with water. Unfortunately, there were coals on my couch, under my couch, under my table, on my computer , and next to the door that took a longer time to find, (i.e: "uh oh, i still smell burning). And this all after i had been dumped earlier that day, so yeah, that was a sucky day to say the least.
  10. QUOTE (Allia22 @ Feb 6 2007, 03:59 PM) QUOTE (web250 @ Feb 6 2007, 04:54 PM) I want to see a study with good research. Something that says explicitly: We had four machines sharing a one hose hookah, taking 3-4 normal drags before passing it to the next machine. I would LOVE to see that! hahaha, one robot takes like 7 hits and the other 3 robots go: "Hey jackass! stop bogarding the hookah!"
  11. ugh dont remind me, thats all ive been smoking for the last 2 weeks cuz im waiting for my al waha order from steve QUOTE (samildanach @ Feb 6 2007, 11:48 AM) lol. i started out on nakhla mix fruit... disgusting..its a wonder i carried on smoking..
  12. i would agree with the idea of just going and buying some concentrate. And as far as the lemon taste getting stuck in the hose, it does. But i just wash it out with hot water about 5-6 times. My advice is dont use lemon juice if you plan on smoking it within a couple of hours, give it time to get out.
  13. QUOTE (steve @ Feb 3 2007, 06:42 AM) hey guys orders went out today still have plenty more thasnks steve I live in colorado, when do you think i can expect mine? Cuz all i have is a 250g of mixed fruit nakhla, and its getting really old. and i cant justify buying anymore shisha cuz i have so much on the way
  14. ebay. Haha, thats where i always find the biggest ones.
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