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  1. Hookah Night At Habana

    [img]http://i.imgur.com/HDSCil.jpg[/img] Bring a hookah and come sign up! we have about 5 spots left! Should be a great time!
  2. wants his new hookah and shisha to be here NOW. but has to wait until monday.

  3. The Shishavac

    thats fucking awesome. not worth $250 though.
  4. Upstate, Ny Smokers?

    I'm in Albany
  5. Gorillaz Plastic Beach

    [quote name='K1024' date='15 March 2010 - 11:20 PM' timestamp='1268709609' post='457309'] super fast jelly fish is really good. some of the other songs are ok, but alot of songs have really shitty opening parts [/quote] Love it. I've always been a huge fan of Gorillaz, except when they started going mainstream, by releasing Feel Good Inc. out here on the local pop station. when that happened, everyone said OMG I LOVE GORILLAZ!!! but couldn't name any other song. Stuff like that makes me die inside a little bit I highly recommend that anyone who loves gorillaz watch the BANANAZ documentary. Fucking. Awesome.
  6. all forms of tobacco should be stored in a cool, dark, dry place with optimum humidity being around 70%. Sealable bags or jars (sealable kind such as a pipe tobacco jar) works wonders. DO NOT REFRIDGERATE TOBACCO!!!! Fridges today are designed to pull moisture out of the air in order to preserve food longer.
  7. When I smoke its usually with a few friends... time does seem to go by at a slower pace, but in reality it is flying when I look at the clock. Hookah is great for relaxation! My friends though seem to rush the sesh a little. as soon as I get relaxed they want to do something else.
  8. Inspirational Posters

    This Thread Delievers
  9. Other Kinds Of Tobacco

    Skoal Long Cut Citrus FTW
  10. Favorite Alcohol

    QUOTE (gixxer @ Dec 26 2008, 02:26 AM) wolfschmitz and equivalent we use everclear in our jj kazz, try that out I will
  11. Favorite Alcohol

    Beer - Guiness Liquor - Jack Daniels on the rocks Mix - Jungle Juice (4 litres of vodka mixed in a tub with some water and kool-aid mix = delicious/WILL FUCK SHIT UP
  12. Whats Your Favorite Cigar/goto Smoke!?

    Liga Privada No. 9 or a Gurkha Ancient Warrior. also a Joya De Nicaragua Antanio is always amazing
  13. Other Kinds Of Tobacco

    Cigars, pipe, Chew and Cigarettes. I do them all. haven't tried snuff yet though. I smoke about 4 cigars a week, I chew when i'm not smoking, and go through about a pack a week of my favorite camel menthols
  14. Whats Your Cigar Cutter/lighter Setup?

    Palio Cutter and a Lotus soft flame lighter. it helps I work for a Tobacconist :tup: