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  1. Hi guys, iv tried the following flavours : Daydream Orange cream Red velvet Strawberries and cream Gumball Machine London Late Night Happy Hour Giant Peach Out of all them the one that definitely stood out were daydream which burns for so long and tastes kinda link a funky blue mist. I liked most of them except red velvet and happy hour! Their texture is different but they burn for a long time and dont really get harsh! Been using them for a few events recently and they have gone down really well with clients!
  2. orange creme by Guru = Very Nice!

  3. Hi Guys, Got a Birthday coming up? Why not hire the shisha connosieurs from Mr Flavour to cater for your party. We stock both Electronic shishas alongside with Khalil Mamoon Trimetals. We can bring entertainment to your party in the form of DJ's, Bellydancers, Firebreathers and even Garra Rufa fish! For the month of June any bookings made by Hookah Forum Members are eligible for a 20% discount when quoting the promotional code : HF-20-06 More details can be found at our website [url="http://www.mrflavour.co.uk"]Shisha Hire[/url] or our [url="http://www.facebook.com/mrflavour"]Facebook Page[/url]
  4. Mr Flavour prides itself on being the first shisha connoisseur to provide a comprehensive range of products and unparallel service.
    Mr Flavour is comprised of an extensive network of professionals to provide a thorough, well-delivered service. We cater for a wide range of businesses with smoking areas and also cater for private events.

  5. Shiazo Stones

    Iv tried them in both and tbh their is a significant difference to when you use them in the vortex bowl however they still smoke fine in the normal ceramic head. Iv been really impressed with the Shiazo stones, you can get huge volumes of smoke but its just lacking that density of normal tobacco
  6. Passion Fruit And Bubblegum is the way forward in life

  7. Glycerin?

    Its what creates big volume of smoke and flavour. For different types of glycerin molasses check out [url="http://www.shishashop.co.uk/jeffs-seven-elements"]http://www.shishashop.co.uk/jeffs-seven-elements[/url] There are loads of different ones there to experiment mixing with to make unique flavours and they are pretty cheap too
  8. Hookah Peeves

    1) Breaking in new hoses! absolutely hate doing this 2) Drunk people knocking over 1 of my shishas and burning the carper 8-) 3) People going at my windcover like its going to be ice cold :S 4) When someone blows really hard into the pipe
  9. Another Hookah Study

    wow this is a really interesting read, I think im going to go through this properly when I get a chance
  10. Vanilla Shisha

    I would personally recommend sticking to Al Fakher Vanilla!
  11. Shisha Led Lights

    [quote name='Stuie' timestamp='1304960566' post='508803'] [url="http://lmgtfy.com/?q=LED+Ice+Cubes"]http://lmgtfy.com/?q=LED+Ice+Cubes[/url] [/quote] Thanks Stuie Im going to go for this!
  12. Shisha Led Lights

    To be honest im not a large fan of them, but we they have been requested from a client so therefore its not about my opinion! Its amazing how small gimmicks like these have such a large effect though Thanks for all your help guys
  13. Hi guys, Got another question for all you hookaholics! I was wondering if anyone knew a vendor that sold the LED balls you place in the shisha vase cheap? Looking to buy around 20-30 so has to be priced well. Thanks in advance guys!
  14. just testing out a new tobacco brand called Guru!

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    2. Mr Flavour

      Mr Flavour

      I will do when i get a chance! Its actually really good!
    3. rj_skillz


      I personally thought it was a starbuzz rip-off
    4. Mr Flavour

      Mr Flavour

      Have you tried day dream? I think its a new and improved version of starbuzz's blue mist! It has like a bubble gum after taste!
  15. Video Games And Hookah

    The best is a nice rotation! Some fighting game like Mortal Kombat, 2 of your are fighting whilst the 3rd member is smoking then a nice rotation of roles! Everyone is happy that way