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  1. Al Fakher Golden

    [quote name='tigger' timestamp='1304469395' post='508169'] Sweet!! Thanks guys. I'm all excited now =3 I really, really enjoyed it! [/quote] ETA: Sorry, this is Babs. I'm at Nat's house and didn't bother logging her out and logging myself in.
  2. Al Fakher Golden

    Sweet!! Thanks guys. I'm all excited now =3 I really, really enjoyed it!
  3. thax we love hookah he sits by me for his hit on the hookah lol he loves the tast of hookah and the money he likes to dance for it ill i do it show he the money and he gets up on two legs and dances for my friends.lol
  4. i love hookah lease work more smoking sometimes u need a brake love life
  5. Nice pic =3 Bernie <333333

  6. Hi

    what fun iv been her for two week my friend told me about it babs that her
  7. nat