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  1. Ok...I think I will pass if its close to the size of the 7ico and not the normal minis. Id like to get it a novelty piece, but I doubt I will use it since I have a lot of the other bowls.  Still hoping I get my mini back someday lol.  Good luck.
  2. I bought the pico after I lost the mini I think. I can't remember, but I have two picos and they are tiny.  Thanks Chreees.
  3. Is it close in size to a pico bowl.  I have had two minis and broke one and lost the other...kinda want one just to replace it.
  4. you still have the mini?  Might be interested.
  5. Any interest in selling one of the super chiefs? If so how much?
  6. Ramadan Kareem bro. Great journal to read through.
  7. Got my Mono a while ago forgot to post. Thanks again Stuie. I love it.
  8. I got one of his moulth pieces and bowls. Damn nice.


  10. Can you Pm me on C and D shipped to 22150. I think I may pick those up from you.
  11. wow haven't een in here in a long time hows it going?

    1. Coyote


      Welcome back! Our TZ posse is getting huge.
  12. How would I go about adding a purge vavle to my glass bottle for my hobo hookah. I got one a while back and use a large 1.75ml Belvedeer bottle as the base. Its the older model with nor purge valve so instead of adding one to the top of the stem where the hose is and mess that up i rather just add it at glass bottle instead. I have a spare hose adapter with purge on it and want to use that. Also I was affraid of drilling a hole and tapping it and then having it crack. I know I can probably drill a hole then use silicone to seal it.
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