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  1. no doubt     that was my dream. Go to town using a dremel polishing wheel  and some brass polish.
  2. Straight up DEVASTATED    Found this listing, within 3 hours of it being up I sped over to the guys house, who was giving away everything for free on his porch. When I got there, everything was gone. :(   He was GIVING away this gnarly hookah....   http://austin.craigslist.org/zip/4640580385.html
  3. Seems like its basically an E-Cig on top of a hookah, no? Its the same concept, but in larger form. I would venture to guess it smokes pretty similarly, maybe a bit smoother.    I'd like to try it out, but for the price I don't think that will happen for me. Certainly looks nicely put together. My only concern is in the user reviews in terms of long-term durability, considering the tanks are made of plastic and corrode.   Regardless, very cool stuff.  I'm sure with time better and better versions will be released, as with most any product. 
  4. Starbuzz Vs Fantasia Shisha

    I love Fantasia, but normally because of prices I stick to Nak or Tangiers if I'm feeling fancy.    But Fantasia has some great flavors. Surfer on Acid, Red Dragon, and Pumpkin are a few of my favorites. All pretty juicy and flavorful. 
  5. No doubt. Mattarios, gotta hit you up to re-up on some more Nak!
  6. Yeah, I dont know, its just crazy how high it is.   I normally dont purchase from H-S, but considering it was about 20 minutes from where I now live, I figured why not. However, my mind has been quickly changed. lol   Thanks for the input guys
  7. Right?? I was not expecting that...   Is there a way to avoid the ridiculously high sales tax? For some reason when I go to order from other vendors, it doesnt put anything close to the tax that H-S puts on when checking out. 
  8. Hey all!      Just moved to TX a few weeks ago. Loving it so far, except for one thing....     What's up with this absurd tobacco tax on shisha?! House Bill 2154 that taxes you $10.25 per 250 g's purchased (the highest in the country). I came from MD where we didn't have anything remotely that close, so this is quite a shock.    How long has it been like this? 
  9. Wade's Huge Sale. Everything Must Go!

    My friend or I might be interested in some of the bowls, specifically bowl 6.    I'll keep you updated! Tons of great stuff. 
  10. Texas Tx Smokers

    Anyone in the Austin Area? Just moved here. Love it so far. 
  11. I'll have to give this a try. Thanks!    Got a few "dirty" bowls lying around
  12. Moving Out Of State Sale

    Everything is gone by the way. Thanks for the interest and helping me clear out before I move!
  13. Moving Out Of State Sale

    Ah I'm so sorry Cloud-Hookah, only thing that is left is the Tangiers tobacco package.    Thanks!
  14. Moving Out Of State Sale

    As it turns out, the hookahs have already sold. So disregard those.    In terms of that funnel, I honestly have no idea. I have never used it, but that sounds like a cool experiment to try.       For the most part, the bowls were only going to be paired with the hookahs, but since they are gone, only the Tangiers is left!
  15. Moving Out Of State Sale

    Indeed! Granted, they are not all full boxes, but still, I like to think its a solid deal.   Wanted to pass it along to the community.