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  1. Ann Arbor - Michigan Meet Up?

    I've been here for about 2 years now - Anyone else from this general area who'd like to meet up and share some hookah love/wisdom/fun?
  2. Now in the US! New apartment, and living away from family for the first time!

    1. sheik_steampunk


    2. Click
  3. And My First Ever Video For The Forum

    [quote name='vendetta_revived' timestamp='1310567822' post='515789'] Aw shucks! Just tried the google hangout and found out my lappy's cam is busted! Gonna have to get a new one. [/quote] Tough luck buddy! Laptop replacements are a bitch! Pisses you off just like when you're having a nice grape mint sheesha and you find out that the juice has leaked like crazy.
  4. And My First Ever Video For The Forum

    [quote name='mushrat' timestamp='1310567717' post='515788'] We do have a video section for reviews and the like don't forget. [/quote] Yeah but like I mentioned this was sort of a mash-up of what you find in separate sub-forums.. so yeah.
  5. And My First Ever Video For The Forum

    ^It's totally fun, isn't it. We went on Omegle video chat once while smoking hookah
  6. And My First Ever Video For The Forum

    Imagooglefanboi. :3
  7. And My First Ever Video For The Forum

    YES I USE SMOKERS COAL TOO! Notice how I said "It's *like* what's in the photo" I can't wait to get to Michigan. And then I will smoke too. We should do a Google+ hookah hangout.
  8. And My First Ever Video For The Forum

    [quote name='vendetta_revived' timestamp='1310509588' post='515710'] Nice man...didn't see it in 720p because my internet sucks and I am watching some hitchens videos. I have a question...you said standard brick coal? would that be barbecue coal? Like...the usual coals used here? [/quote] Um I think what you're referring to is the natural stuff yeah? All uneven and takes goddamn forever to light? I used the kind of processed coal, nice and cuboidal It's like this - [url="http://hookahcart.com/yahoo_site_admin/assets/images/Silver_charcal_Torch_coal_3pcs_.22212651.jpg"]Photo[/url]. I get 50 pieces for 55 Rupees (about $1.25)
  9. So as the topic says, first video for the forum! Yay! I was pretty bored and messing around with the camera on the E7, so I thought I'd just shoot a video! (and hey, it shoots at 720p. snazzy!) Although I was unsure of where to post this. It's sort of a "Show your setup" kinda thing mixed with a review (of sorts) about the flavors I was smoking.. and some Daft Punk thrown in. Maybe a mod can help place it in the right sub-forum? And while watching the video, you can pretty much ignore whatever crap I'm saying Or even better, watch it on mute. But then you'd miss Daft Punk. o_0 Here's the vid! [color="#0000ee"][u][url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xz0I08o3IdU"]*Link*[/url] [/u][/color]
  10. Opening Hookah Bar?`

    I believe there are a few other posts already to this tune. Just look around..
  11. Advice Regarding Buying A Hookah

    Stability issues apart - does the base material make *that* much of a difference? I'm sure hookah makers make their bases *decently* strong enough..
  12. Advice Regarding Buying A Hookah

    [quote name='vendetta_revived' timestamp='1310241092' post='515302'] [i]Duty Free The following goods may be imported by visitors over 21 years of age into the USA without incurring customs duty: 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 2kg of smoking tobacco or proportionate amounts of each; 0.95l (1qt) of alcoholic beverage; gifts or articles up to a value of US$100. [/i]Btw you forgot to attach the pic of your base. [/quote] Um, picture of what base? :\ [quote name='Epoch' timestamp='1310318751' post='515364'] [quote name='sheik_steampunk' timestamp='1310233295' post='515285'] Well in any case buddy, they clearly specify that the [b]items on clearance sale have *only* cosmetic defects[/b], and are fully operational. But yeah I can understand the general apprehension in buying an item off clearance. As for the Mya - yes I've smoked on it countless number of times, because all the hookah bars here use that as a standard, amongst a few others. But I can safely say that the Mya QT is the hookah that is used about 98% of time at all bars. It's a great hookah too, no doubts whatsoever. So in addition to vendetta_revived's question about the base, here's mine: [b]Is there anyone who might have used both the Mini Mya and the Maya QT and could give us some comparative insights?[/b] [/quote] The clearance Mini Myas don't have any defects, they're just getting rid of a big overstock. I've gotten a few of them and they're all brand new out of the original box. As for comparing the QT and the Mini Mya, they have identical pull quality, and come with the same model hose. The bowl that comes with the QT is shallower than the bowl on the Mini Mya, but they're the same unglazed ceramic material. Basically it's a matter of what you'd rather look at. [/quote] Oh thanks Epoch! Since a lot of people have been telling me that the performance is more or less the same, I think I'd go with the Mini Mya. Deeper bowl, at least for the beginning. Until I save up some money to do some upgrades!
  13. Advice Regarding Buying A Hookah

    OH OH I COMPLETELY FORGOT. Sorry for that caps bit, it was just to get some attention [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/happy.gif[/img] I'm planning on buying some shisha and bringing it to the US. (Pan Rasna, I hear, is sometimes hard to find, and it so happens that pan rasna is as abundant in India as dogs are.) I wanted to find out how much tobacco I'm allowed to bring in to the country as per customs regulations? Anyone got any info on that? I tried Yahoo! Answers and all that but I got different answers. Someone says there is no restriction, another one tells me 500 cigarettes, blah blah. And the US Customs site had no mention of tobacoo at all when I checked. Thanks guys!
  14. Found A Lost Hookah Stash

    Yeah! It's a total "Well what do we have here?" moment innit? And off-topic - Ah, pan rasna. One of my favorites. (Don't judge me by that, I'm Indian. Pan's in our blood haha )
  15. Fellow Partakers In Ann Arbor, Anyone?

    Ok so maybe I'm jumping the gun a little bit, but I'm coming up to Ann Arbor to study at UMich. I'm leaving in 13 days, and I'll be in Michigan by the end of July or sometime then (I'll be in Illinois till then). Any one who would like to meet up? Let me know