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  1. You knew him in high school? I went to his high school, did you go to Boone as well?

  2. I knew him in high school, called him ($20) he's a cool dude. small world, or state, at least.

  3. Knew him in high school, called him ($20) he's a cool dude. small world, or state, at least.

  4. Nahh, I just put Cincinnati as my home town because It's more known than Florence. I go to EKU for Trombone Performance, one of the best bass trombonists teaches us here, couldn't overlook that oMFortunity. I know a friend at CCM, do you know Andrew Jackson? Trumpet?

  5. Thanks for the welcome, I'm down for any smoke session, tri-state included. So are you at CCM, I am a composer and went for my masters there.

  6. Traded five gallon keg of home brew beer for a KM, good trade.

  7. Hey Nate! Good to have you, we should have a big tri-state smoker soon! Hope you enjoy yourself here, I know I have.

  8. Adding Whole Or Crushed Spices To Your Tobacco

    Just want to through a warning out for health purposes. Spices can be dangerous if combusted or vaporized. Namely nutmeg, allspice, basil, ginger, and chili powder, but others exist and are risky. Just wanted to throw that bit of knowledge out there.
  9. Candy Apple Soda

    Hello folks, New to the forum but loving it here. I just tried this "recipe" with an organic granny smith, HH butterscotch and jones green apple. I have to say the film that was left in the stem was hardened like elmers school glue. Tasty though it may be, the 2 hour cleanup made for a lack luster experience.
  10. Welcome, Nate :) We are glad you are joining us on Hookah Forum! Please make sure you review our Forum Rules located here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/45-forum-rules/ Thank you!

  11. Kentucky Ky Smokers

    Florence, Ky Rocking it in flo-town.