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  1. Noooob

    [quote name='Coyote' timestamp='1303094632' post='505845'] baseball. [/quote] what about baseball? lol
  2. Haha. Here is your formal greeting from the Welcome Queen! Thanks for joining Hookah Forum! We are so haMFy to have you join us (especially at the meet ups :P). Please be sure to review our Forum Rules located here: http://www.hookahforum.com/forum/45-forum-rules/

  3. Noooob

    Hey I'm Kevin. Been smoking for years but just joined. I'm good friends with evan and josh, and have met some of you on TC. Hope I can meet more and of course smoke more
  4. Md-Va-Dc Meetup

    [quote name='Cp44' timestamp='1303062132' post='505786'] [quote name='Zildjian' timestamp='1303020366' post='505724'] 15-20 min, not bad. i live right in between herndon and fairfax city, so everything is 15 min katie came from baltimore to fairfax so she wins the distance prize, and aaron sleeps in the back room of TZ so he rolled out of bed to the table [/quote] Better than sleeping in Josh's closet. =X cough cough evan cough cough [/quote] its true evan's been locked in there for years lol