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  1. Hi all, Some of you may or may not remember me, but I joined last year, I think it was? Anyhow, I took a little hookah hiatus (mostly due to lack of local hookah buddies) but recently I've been craving hookah so I said fuck it, I'll just smoke by myself. It's been some time since I've been on here, which is why I decided to sort of re-introduce myself, at least to the new people. Babs, 22, NoVa. Yep. So here I am, enjoying some chocolate mint hookah with some Girl Scout cookies (thin mints, of course!)
  2. Hahaha yea I guess so. At first I thought Mushrat changed my name so I stoMFed trying "shayflower13" and just did "shayflower" but it didn't work. So then I did the "forgot my password" thing and it said my email address didn't exist. So I emailed the admin. but they didn't respond and it's been about 20 hours so I made a new account.

  3. Really? That's odd. It should be 24 hours. I guess the mod who kicked you was antsy? hahha

  4. Well I read the rules but I didn't find the Intro post thing until it was too late. It wasn't even 24 hours and I was gone lol.

  5. Yes, that's why you have to read the rules ^_^ That's why they make you type "i have read the rules" and then Katie comments again on every new person's profile to make sure you read the rules! lol.

  6. Yay! :D I was so upset, I thought I wouldn't be able to find anyone again lol.

  7. Hi I'm Shay

    I TRIED TO TELL YOU IN TC TO MAKE AN INTRO POST. I TRIED. And then I thought you wouldn't come back cos you were banned or deleted or whatever the fuck happens when you don't post. Welcome back =3
  8. Theycallmedave Happy Birthday!

    Hey Dave, Happy Birthday! Have a good one.
  9. Vidja Games

    If you go for a DS, go for a DS Lite. Or a regular DS. The 3DS and the DSi looked to overdone. That's not really a good word for it, but it just had too much unnecessary features, I thought. Plus, no GBA slot.
  10. Age Of Empires Ii

    [quote name='rhineholt' timestamp='1304870909' post='508710'] [quote name='Babs' timestamp='1304870084' post='508709'] There's already a video games thread where you can talk about video games, [url="http://www.hookahforum.com/topic/42095-vidja-games/"]here[/url] [/quote] Yeahh, I saw that. That thread was mostly about which games I play, not about where online I could play them. I figured this would be faster and more efficient, rather than thread jacking. I just want to know what website I would have to go to or what I have to download in order to play age of empires online. [/quote] Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear in the original post of that thread, I meant for it to be about anything video game related, including questions. Me asking what games do you play was just kinda to get things going. And sorry, I have no idea where you can play Age of Empires =/
  11. Age Of Empires Ii

    There's already a video games thread where you can talk about video games, [url="http://www.hookahforum.com/topic/42095-vidja-games/"]here[/url]
  12. Vidja Games

    But I HAVE a PS2. Unless you mean get a new PS2. Which I was considering. Cos the old ones, after a while, stop playing colored discs and I think most if not all PS1 games are colored. For instance, the FFVII discs are black on the underside.
  13. Vidja Games

    Ok I see your point but a)Online play, no matter how amazing it might be, does not appeal to me at all. and I can't play my old final fantasy. Which I have wanted to do since I got it. Which was 3-4 years ago. I do have a friend who has a ps3 that I could play it on, but he lives a little bit far from me plus we're not that close that I can just come to his house whenever and play. And what about PS2 games? I couldn't play those. I dunno I mean, I actually have thought about xbox in the past (mostly briefly, though) but with my limited funds and online play not being one of my goals, I just don't really see how it's a better choice for me. And I don't really care for those games that are most popular for xbox like COD or Metal Gear and whatnot. The only reason I was actually considering xbox was becuase L4D looked so fucking awesome. But then I learned that it's not as fun by yourself, so I decided screw it.
  14. Vidja Games

    the xbox won't be able to play the ps2 games I have. Which, okay, whatever, I can play on my phatty ps2 but idk if I want to use it anymore. the xbox won't play my final fantasy vii.
  15. Vidja Games

    I don't want an xbox tho. I WAS thinking about just getting the new PS2, but I want to play some PS3 games too...