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  1. Starwind

    New Way To Pack A Bowl

    [quote name='fuckthatvincekid' timestamp='1333512136' post='544008'] [quote name='nathanmweiss' timestamp='1332962506' post='543580'] Can anyone post more pictures of the process? I'm still confused [/quote] I don't have pictures, but I'll word as best I can. Step 1. Place the paperclip as shown by OP at the bottom of the bowl Step 2. Place the foil on top of the paperclip. Step 3. Place the shisha on top of the 1st layer of foil Step 4. Finish like you would a normal bowl, placing foil on top of the bowl, holes, coals, etc The foil layer at the bottom will contain the shisha and juices, and the paper clip keeps it from restricting the airflow. [/quote] This explains it. I was confused too until I read this. Now I just feel silly. haha
  2. Starwind

    Shiazo Steam Stones

    [quote name='Chreees' timestamp='1313633094' post='520285'] [quote name='Starwind' timestamp='1313447054' post='519951'] Just ordered some blueberry. Can't wait to test them out! [/quote] Let me know how that blueberry flavor is. I may just have to get it myself. [/quote] I'll be sure to do a review here in a few days once it comes in.
  3. Yeah, make sure they know how pleasant the smell of hookah can be. I love the smell of hoookah and pipe tobacco. I actually used to make sure to smoke in my room after I cleaned it because the smell would stay for a good while. It was a very small room though. If they have a problem with the living room after you've been smoking in your room for a bit, I'd invite them in just so they know what it's like.
  4. Starwind

    Shiazo Steam Stones

    Just ordered some blueberry. Can't wait to test them out!
  5. Starwind

    WTB | Alien Mini Phunnel

    If anyone has an alien mini they'd be willing to sell cheap I'd greatly appreciate it.
  6. I haven't ready the Begginer Guide here. Does it have a good set of links? You could just add a "For Info On" section. Then have sets of links to threads involving the topics with good information.
  7. Starwind

    Shiazo Steam Stones

    [quote name='Extra Mint' timestamp='1312739713' post='519123'] can the stones be reused by adding the juice again, the shisha shop is selling the juice alone [url="http://www.shishashop.co.uk/jeffs-seven-elements"]http://www.shishasho...-seven-elements[/url] , and was wondering if you can just pore them back into the stones or do they burn out after using them [/quote] Anywhere that's selling just the juice in the US? Could try with some porous stones I have around the house and would like to try using it to make traditional shisha as well.
  8. Starwind

    Starting With Tangiers

    [quote name='evilded777' timestamp='1312477105' post='518692'] I don't have a vortex... but I can't imagine that packing it would be all that different from packing anything else. There's one thing to think about when packing Tangiers: density. If you pack lightly you are more likely to get a quick burn, serious nicotine rush... you may desire this. If you are not looking for that nicotine rush, pack it densely... bowl configuration will determine how this is accomplished. Just remember: density is key. [/quote] I have had tangiers (blackthorn noir) out of a similar configuration before. It had good flavor and smoke but was a bit harsh and had a huge nicotine buzz. The buzz a bit different too. It was huge but at the same time it didn't knock you on your ass.
  9. Starwind

    Starting With Tangiers

    [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' timestamp='1312396796' post='518482'] You definitely want to use less heat. As for using the Vortex, I'm not sure. I mean, it should work, but I've never used one with Tangiers before. You need to talk to Allstar on here. I know he got the Vortex working well with Tangiers. In fact, I think he has a tutorial video on here. Let me go find it... As for acclimation, I think you shouldn't have too much trouble. Ryno lives in Indiana and I know he doesn't really have trouble at all. EDIT: Found it: [url="http://www.hookahforum.com/topic/40507-how-to-pack-a-vortex/page__p__492914__hl__vortex__fromsearch__1#entry492914"]http://www.hookahfor...__1#entry492914[/url] EDIT AGAIN: Ugh, says he removed the video when I tried playing it... Tony, you have some 'splain to do! I'll PM him... [/quote] Thanks! Yeah, I figure acclimation should be easy enough, but I figured after seeing others have trouble if someone in the same area has a perfered method it probably be best to try that first. The exoticas seem to put off let heat so that's good to hear.
  10. Just ordered 250g of Tangiers Orange Soda off hobohookah. Now my setup is a either my hobohookah or Mya QT with a vortex bowl using exotica "Easy Light" coals. Curious on heat management mainly. Does Tangiers need more or less heat than most shisha? With this setup what would you recommend? I don't have the cash for a true phunnel at the moment. There plenty of info on acclimation so unless someone live in the midwest (I'm in indiana) and want to recommend one for our climate I think I should be able to figure that out myself.
  11. More pictures are desired from me and others.
  12. Starwind

    Hobo Hookah

    HoboHookah was my first hookah. If you like experimenting it's great. I've used all kinds of bottles and a liquids. Smokes great and is easy to take anywhere. I love mine to death. I do however recommend that you get a hose adapter with it. The hose it comes with is fine but here have been many times where I wish I would of had the adapter piece. It's about another 6 bucks. I just got my second which is a Mya QT. Between the two I'd say I like the Mya a little better over all but for party/travel the hobo still reins supreme hands down. I'd take my hookah to a party not having to worry about watching it. There's nothing like spreading hookah to drunks and not having to worry about them breaking your stuff. Only thing the can break with any ease is the bowl since bottles are so easy to find. Even smokes great on two liters though it looks kinda trashy.
  13. I have a friend who has a rotator that's actually pretty nice but they know nothing about it. It only has 2 hoses. There's no need for rotating 4 hoses.
  14. Did this last night with great success. Much better seal on my mya.
  15. Starwind


    Just bought a mya QT with some tobacco. Good communication. Definitely buy from again.