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  1. Official Gothookahs.com Vendor Thread.

    QUOTE (ToncSTAR @ Oct 14 2008, 04:09 AM) QUOTE (Mirus @ Oct 13 2008, 03:33 PM) As soon as a new code is up, I'm getting a KM. me too I'm in line too
  2. Omg Today Feels Like Xmas

    Nice Hookah, I really want a KM
  3. Rate The Avatar Above You!

    7/10 I am curious about the hand in the background
  4. Recieved My Mya Bambino!

    Yes the grommet can hold the ashtray or you can put the ash tray on first then the grommet. A phunnel bowl does fit it.
  5. Which Do You Prefer?

    I don't really drink soft drinks (only redbull with jager), I drink beer, whiskey, tequila, and jager/ redbull
  6. Chat Is Dead Again!

    dude EL you are usually in there but never talk, I have been busy with finals this week and haven't been a able to wast some time.
  7. I Am Done

    yeah you missed a lot
  8. El Aint Such An Invincible Ninja

    Sorry to hear that dude, I hope you get better. I don't like chiropractors as my mom is a physical therapist and she has to fix a lot of problems that they create on people. But since you don't have a lot of money and no insurance it is probably your best bet. Good luck.
  9. So Angry Right Now

    That sucks lady I hope you get it all settled out
  10. Well our search feature does kind of suck, just due to the fact that there is something mentioned in almost every post (I.E. phunnel, or scalis mod) the results that come up are just too much when compared to other forums with different themes/topics. JMO
  11. Diy $15 Hard Case

    Where did you buy the foam from? I want to try something like this.
  12. Milk

    I just put about a shots worth in when I use mine and it usually doesn't bubble up enough to get into the hose.
  13. It isn't chemistry, but physics and oceanography. When salt is dissolved in water it is denser than freshwater. That is why you can float freshwater on top of seawater. Due to the physical properties of H20 and the amount of salt in the water you can lower the freezing point 4 degrees celcius.
  14. Combined Pictures With Names Post.

    I love the burst picture taking mode on my phone