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  1. method

    The Itis

    whats Itis ? slang for food or something ?
  2. method

    Oh Em Gee...

    somewhat resembles to Airdiem .... [img]http://www.notcot.com/images/hookah1.jpg[/img]
  3. method

    Sexy Azure Goddess

    nice beginners hookah , btw , r u a gamer chick ? merry me ? :-)
  4. method

    New Syrian

    very nice ! i suggest u get a wider/bigger bowl tho ... this one is kinda small .
  5. no holes beneath the tobacco ? u just trap the heat and fumes in that chamber ?
  6. method

    First Hookah Set Up

    use foil , 2 layers shiny side down , unless its some supreme heavy duty foil , in that case use only 1 layer . rarely the tobacco drops down to the vase , mostly its only the juices , all depends on how fine-cut is your tobacco . either way , not really a problem . you can do a seal check and see if there any air leaks : set up ur hookah , shut the 2nd hose port , shut with a thumb the bowl port and try to inhale , if u cant inhale at all , congrats - ur hookah is leak free . any other case you'll have to find the leakage and seal it
  7. method

    Immigration, World Poverty And Gumballs

    well I voiced my opinion to Dave earlier , but I don't mind to repeat it : in general I'm against all uneducated immigration . France and holland closed their gates years ago due to mass muslim/moroccan immigration which basically fucked them up as they were uneducated and useless who came to exploit the far better country they immigrated to . btw , in holland , majority of drug dealers are morrocan . same goes for US , only US offers more for less . typical poor uneducated immigrant in US can work at some gas station and have a amazingly lavish life next to the same gas station worker in a different country . I can take it even further , that typical worker will have somewhat similar lifestyle to an educated fella in low grade european country , not even talking about the real poor countries . so , basically immigrants want to get to usa to live "the american dream" without having to work hard for it . any normal legal job in US will be far easier next to their alternatives in their origin country - that's why there's a vast opinion those immigrants are "hard workers" , its not necessarily true . they seem hard workers next to US born citizens , because US citizens were born in US and didn't suffer any of that shit and are used to far better reality . what I am against , Is this guys suggestion of helping the poor country by preventing brain drain . I am all for educated people who will contribute any country they live in the option to immigrate . when I finished army and faced reality for the first time , I decided I don't want to live in Israel , and when checked my options , realized the best legal solution is to get educated and find a job in the target country - which I intend to enjoy/exploit as much as I will contribute . - which seems pretty fair to me . This guys offer is to keep me in Israel so that I can help , it's logical yeh , but I study so I can take care of myself , open more options in my life and not get shut down by some guy who decided its best to keep me in Israel for worlds economy sake . plus , if I came to a conclusion to get educated and immigrate . In a way , Israel failed to keep me here . basically like Dave said yesterday , I agree with this guy's presentation , only for different reasons . [quote name='Scrappydoo' timestamp='1310717556' post='515976'] I agree! I mean, help the people in the US first who have problems and we spend millions in foreign aid already. Yes, we are blessed mroe than most but why is it always the USA that has to solve the world's problems? [/quote] do you know if USA is being forced/asked to somehow solve worlds problems ? i won't be surprised if america chooses to deal with those issues tho its not their problem . and being suspicious as i am , i doubt that everytime USA butts in , is for the reasons they state they do it (*cough* oil in iraq? *cought*) . - that's an unbased opinion so don't stone me if i'm wrong , rather explain .
  8. method

    Advice For My Future...

    [quote name='Bawhee' timestamp='1310529287' post='515737'] OH YEAAAAH! I DID IT! I PASSED ALL MY EXAMS AND MY FUTURE IS LOOKING BRIGHT! This counts as one of the best things ever in my life, and I think it is now time for a celebratory smoke [/quote] congrats ! what kind of degree are you aiming for ?
  9. I think you'll get alot more for your wife , and you get to keep the hookah [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/bye.gif[/img]
  10. method

    Longest Session

    when im smoking alone , ill load a bowl of 20~gr and smoke it for like 1-1.5 hours . sometimes i do it few times a day , but almost never one after the other . i'd say i take a break of few hours between bowls and smoke 3 bowls per day max ... with some rare exceptions . when smoking with 1 friend or more , then its smoking till tobacco ends or till everyone goes home .
  11. method

    End Of Semester , Time To Clean Up !

    http://www.upfile4u.net/Files/9x7g8u.JPG http://www.upfile4u.net/Files/6t4o1m.JPG does it work now ?
  12. [img]http://www.upfile4u.net/Files/9x7g8u.JPG[/img] [img]http://www.upfile4u.net/Files/6t4o1m.JPG[/img] [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/drinks.gif[/img]
  13. Hey all , So , after hearing repeatedly how tangiers phunnel bowl is amazing , i want to get one . I don't mind if its used or new , as long as its in good condition ie not cracked , half broken or whatever . I live in Israel , thus whoever wants to make a trade will have to check how much it will cost to send to Israel . for me , a package upto 500gr to US its 21$ , and a new phunnel should cost around 15$ if I'm not mistaking . If shipment from US to Israel cost the same , I'm willing to send goods for 15$ , which is jordan or local tobacco , about 500gr . Or something else , just ask me and i'll tell you its price here - generally hookah accessories are ALOT cheaper in Israel than US . good day all [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/drinks.gif[/img]
  14. method

    What Is Your Dream Job?

    moto gp rider , or football(soccer) manager . - thats from the top of my head , i never actually gave it a thought . :-)
  15. method

    Music Artists That Bring You To Your Knees....

    Prodigy , Younger Brother , Shpongle , OTT , Scorb , Dub FX , D-Nox & Beckers (depends on the album) yes , all electronic , but that isn't because i cant appreciate rock,rap and all that , its just i dont listen to it . i'd say Younger Brother is the most genius artist i've heard , but its all down to the mood im in to decide what style i want to listen to