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  1. Don't feel too bad. Instant gratification is valuable in itself, and you're supporting a local business.
  2. Got some golden grade not too long ago that was ketchup. But the production date was 2009 I think.
  3. I've seen reviews of Nakhla pistachio, but I can't seem to find it for sale anywhere. I'd love to find a great almond-flavored shisha tobacco. Or something along those lines. Anyone have any tips?
  4. Yeah I just received (after bugging them three times) my medium tangiers phunnel bowl that I ordered a month (or more) ago. I requested white - I received a two-color, black bowl, white stem. They just don't have their shit together. I can't imagine I'll ever order from them again.
  5. Hey guys, this is my first trade so you're gonna have to trust me! I've only been smoking for a few months, so I'm interested in trying new flavors (not accepting $$ for anything, just trades) This will be coming from Tampa, FL. I'll trade with anyone in the lower 48. Fusion Exotic Vanilla Raspberry: 250g tin (new) Fusion Exotic Miami Vice 50g tin (new) Fusion Exotic Guava 50g tin (new) Fusion Exotic Cactus Pear 50g tin (used once lightly packed vortex - so probably 35g remain) Fusion Exotic Mango Raspberry 50g tin (used once ditto above) Social Smoke Dulce Du Leche: 100g tin (used a couple times, guessing 65g left) Al Fahker Rose: 50g (used once, at least 35g remain) All purchased within the last 90 days. The SS is straight in the tin because I'm a noob. It's not corroding the tin (and no I don't do that anymore). The used 50g are inside the bag they came in, then inside a resealable snack-sized bag. I've seen a couple times that you're not supposed to use ziplock bags. Sorry that's the most practical storage method for me right now. I'm mostly interested in trading for Tangiers samples. Noir preferred (not M cherry), lucid ok (not mimon or horchata). One more thing: I'm in the last semester of an engineering degree, so I'm real frikkin busy. I will definitely respond to messages, but don't get antsy if it takes up to 24 hours. Thanks!
  6. I like AF Vanilla for mixing, but unless you want a LOT of vanilla in your mix, use maybe 1 part vanilla to 3 parts other flavor. I mixed 50/50 AF vanilla/cherry the other day and the vanilla completely overpowered the cherry and even became cloying.
  7. Sara T

    Magic Hookah Bowl

    I think it's an interesting idea due to the hot-swappable flavors. Try to consider the thermodynamic properties of both the tray and the knob used to remove the tray. You need to use materials that won't combust, won't burn human flesh (for the removal knob anyway), and won't produce toxic bi-products when mixed with heat and shisha/tobacco. My biggest concern is airflow - is the seal around the tray air-tight? Does the shape of the tray impede airflow or cause hot/cool spots? I would consider ditching the idea of a no-foil system. Most hookah users just use foil, and see coal-trays as noobish. You want to appeal to more than just noobs. It's better to do have one really good function, than three mediocre ones. This may or may not end up being the newest fad in hookah bowls, but I urge the creators of the design to continue developing designs. Everything can be improved - everything. One other piece of constructive criticism: It's obvious that the "commercial" is the results of someone's hard work and dedication, but it needs to be cut down. You have to get to the point, and quickly. I would seriously consider chopping the beginning where the guy is moving the bowl with a pile of coals on top. People don't really do that (at least not more than once). For me - if I found a high-quality bowl that allowed me to change shisha flavors in seconds (rather than remove the hot bowl, go find another bowl, pack the other bowl, foil the other bowl, poke holes in the foil, and walk back over to my hookah), I'd be willing to pay maaaaaybe up to $35 for it. And if you have absolutely nothing to do with this design, then I've wasted a good bit of typing
  8. I had a little better luck last night with a (dense) fully-packed small phunnel and careful heat management. I was able to get the cream taste on exhale, but not really any cinnamon. Basically very weak flavor but at least it wasn't bad flavor. Next time I feel lucky, I'll try with the vortex using Allstar's vid.
  9. This is really good info and actually inspires me to keep at it. I'll definitely focus more on heat management with the techniques you described. And I should be getting my wind cover in the mail in a day or two.
  10. Correction - I'm using CH coconut coals from hookahjohn.
  11. [quote name='flydigital55' timestamp='1301972321' post='504238'] Hi Sara, I think you may be underpacking. Its ok to have tinfoil up against the tobacco with tang, unlike other brands. You especially want it touching near the rim of the bowl. My rule of thumb now is to make sure that the foil is perfectly level, touching the tobacco all around the bowl, by the time the coals go on (the tobacco springs back a little after packing). The foil should not sag at all, and there should be no "hill". You should be able to put a brick coal on its side without it falling. The reason for stuffing the bowl like this is to allow heat to carry through the tobacco down into the juices, providing better flavor and a better overall smoke. Last month I was a total newb at tang and had similar trouble but now am in tang heaven. Hang in there, keep trying, great advice here... its worth all the hassle once you start getting it right. If you underpack the taste will lack. Or really die off quick. [/quote] I was under the impression that lucid didn't have to be packed as densely as noir? I might become desperate enough to post a vid of myself packing the bowl, but this is the video I tried to mimic when packing and poking holes in the foil: [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sK0ChQGwe8g"]how to pack tangiers lucid in a phunnel[/url] So if you see something inherently wrong with what this guy is doing, then I'm doing the same thing. I used a toothpick instead of his pokey pen, and CN coals instead of Coconara. I guess the bottom line is that I need to know if my tobacco is acclimated (remember I'm using tangiers lucid now), my bowl is packed properly, and I'm applying the right amount of heat. Sheesh. Is this really honestly going to be as tasty as the other high-end brands when I get this right? I'd be so happy if I found a high-quality, non-dyed, reasonably-priced, delicious, puffy-cloud makin' american tobacco. I have starlight and CN coconut coals at my disposal. I heard mention of a cooler-burning coal, but I see plenty of people having success with coconut coals. I really appreciate your help, guys.
  12. [quote name='Sara T' timestamp='1300493200' post='502048'] Huh. I hadn't heard the 4/20 method. Or maybe I had just didn't know what it meant? This IS a shifty-weather time in FL. It can be in the 40s at night and 80 during the day. Since I'm not a fan of the buzz, I think I'll definitely try something from the Lucid line next time I place an order (I'll get a tangiers phunnel, too). I'm not ready to give up on Tangiers just yet! I may, however, give up on my current, possibly frakked batch of M. Cherry. Ah dammit - maybe one more try leaving it open for an hour before smoking. [/quote] Update: A few days ago I received my order (from hookahjohn) of lucid horchata and lucid mimon, as well as a small tangiers phunnel and an oyster fork for good measure. Neither flavors had a soy or bbq scent when I unbagged them. Horchata smells wonderful and mimon smells pretty strong (and a little like lemon pledge, if I do say so, but that's ok I like strong citrus flavors). I went ahead and spread out a bowls-worth of horchata on some tin foil to make sure it was acclimated before smoking. I just packed a bowl using the how-to video on youtube by jake/hookahev. It tastes pretty good, though I wish it was a little stronger. Is this success? I dunno. I wish it tasted like it smelled. So either it's still not smoking quite right, or it's just a weak (IMO) flavor. For reference, I would say the social smoke flavors are very strong, as well as nahkla DA. Uh oh - I think i just scorched the top a little because now it has a bit of a burnt taste. Hold on a sec, I'm gonna go scrape some off the top.... Ok, scraped some and replaced the top layer. No burny taste anymore, but I'm not really getting any cinnamon. Hmph. I'm gonna be sitting here studying for awhile. I'll continue to puff and let you know how it turns out it the end. I'll probably pack a bowl of mimon in the next couple days. I also got my first hookah-related injury a couple days ago! Woo! Touched my knuckle to the underside of the ashtray right under some goals I set there when I was moving my hookah. Insta-blister. And yet I live to tell. Sooo...not real impressed at the moment, though I can't emphasize how good this smells.
  13. Alright, so I ordered a crown micro funnel. I'll let ya know how it goes!
  14. [quote name='TheyCallMeDave' timestamp='1301331362' post='503310'] I suppose what I'm getting at is, why do you always stop aftert eh fiurst round of coals? Too harsh? Don't feel like continuing the sesson? no flavor? No smoke? Whatever your answer is, will help us better define your problem/answer. [/quote] I guess there are a few reasons I only do one round (typically). I usually smoke solo, so I'm trying to enjoy this new vice of mine in moderation. I'm also kind of a lightweight at this point, and can get a killer headache if I over do it. And then there's coal conservation, blah blah blah. I just ordered a small tangiers phunnel and some tangiers lucid (horchata and mimon), so we'll see how that goes. Someone mentioned the crown micro - I actually have my eye on one of those! A shallow little phunnel might end up being perfect for me.
  15. I have two bowls: a vortex bowl and a Mya bowl that came with my Mya hookah. I usually smoke one session for the life of 2-3 coconut coals (all at once, not one coal, then another coal). When I'm done, the shisha in the bowl has the darkened (char?) layer on top, then normal fresh-looking shisha under that layer - maybe half of the total shisha? So I'm basically wasting half my bowl, right? Can I salvage it? Should I? Should I buy a few more bowls and keep them around to use a couple days later? Does anyone here smoke the bowl all the way? What does a cashed bowl of shisha look like?