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  1. LZDjoshua

    Tangiers Storage Containers

    I've found the latch and locking plastic jars that come with large Mya cases to be pretty good. The jars are made to hold shisha and it can easily hold a 250g. Only problem is the rubber ring meant to seal comes off sometimes but otherwise a good device.
  2. LZDjoshua

    Virginia Smokers Va

    .... you're not telling your gender, DAVID? i bet its a chick. NEWPORT NEWS LZD REPRESENT!
  3. [quote name='lgl84' timestamp='1299696581' post='500780'] Hey guys , What are some good herbal shisha brands out there. opening a lounge soon [/quote] congrats on the lounge! let us know how it goes.
  4. LZDjoshua


    [quote name='gigi' timestamp='1299709612' post='500800'] Loooool. Omg I'm laughing so hard. U guys think I'm a moron. My friend told me that shisha isn't bad for u if u dont inhale it thru ur lungs. Just filling your mouth with smoke That's why I was asking you genuises if ur only inhaling it if it comes outta ur nose. Jeeeezzzzzzzzz. [/quote] Some people take themselves (and others) too seriously here... don't sweat it Gigi. Hope you found the help you were looking for, and yes, the miscommunication is quite funny
  5. LZDjoshua

    Hey Guys....

    I can't be sure, but I feel like the Mya Petite comes in a wire cage carrying device.... oh no, wait, that's the QT. Honestly, my wife didn't like me smoking hookah and was unaware that I even still had one for the longest time, because I got Cono and the locking case with it, so I could stash it in there with my shisha and lock it up and no one is the wiser. I don't know that a smaller hookah will necessarily solve your problem, because no matter what, you'll have to assemble it and smoke it when no one is around. One with a lock box is my best advice.
  6. LZDjoshua

    Coconara Coals

    When I started smoking hookah, I only used natural coals. Now, I caved into the Coconara hype and I've got a box of 100+ coals sitting at home that I'm not completely satisfied with. I get a weird aftertaste with them... is this just me? Any advice on that?
  7. LZDjoshua

    The Definitive Music For Smoking Hookah Thread!

    [quote name='kcK' timestamp='1299430551' post='500443'] Ahh, Nick Drake.. I should try that.. Uhh.. For me, I listen to this Soundscapes channel from my cable provider. Its just a fuckton of calming bullshit. I usually read (on my kindle, like someone before me said) and smoke. But other than that... Uhh... Ska music, or dubstep. Yep, dubstep and hookah. FUCK YEAH! [/quote] DUBSTEP + Hookah = eternal sunshine in my soul
  8. LZDjoshua

    Hookahpaloozah Spring 2011

    I graduated from WKU, so it might be treason to attend... but its hookah after all, and that takes precedence! I'll definitely be down to come if its possible.
  9. LZDjoshua

    Bad Taste

    Lol, yes it never does seem to taste the same as the lounges. As for the burntness and gross part, I think that's been covered. But all of the employees here at Lazy Dayz Hookah Lounge say the same thing... it just never tastes as good at home :-/ Something to think about is that the lounge you frequent has that built-in goodness from packing so many hookahs. I will pack the exact same mix at home using a Mya Cono, Namoor hose, and SS Choad Bowl, but it always taste better when I pack it using the lounge hookahs. [quote name='gigi' timestamp='1299554809' post='500604'] Hello!! I use AF double apple. Coco Nara coals and a brand new KM hookah.w a vortex bowl No matter what I do it doesn't taste the way my local hookah lounges tastes!! They use exactly the same thing. After a couple if puffs it starts to taste burnt and gross. Help pleaseeee [/quote]
  10. LZDjoshua

    Help A Beginning Hookah User

    Hey Matt, if you are looking for a strong headbuzz, Tangiers is the shisha to use. It is certainly a shisha to "warm up" to, but it is one of the few shishas out there that is unwashed with a higher nicotine content. It requires acclimation so if you were to purchase a 100g, you would need to spread it out and let it sit for a MINIMUM of 30 min-1 hr. It will produce very large clouds of smoke. They have various flavors, some of which are stronger than others. My favorite flavors to experiment and mix with are the New Lime and Maraschino Cherry. It's a sweet smoke that still gives that Tangiers heaviness to a bowl. My opinion of Al-Waha is basically you get what you pay for. It is cheap and tastes cheap as well. Same with Hookah-Hookah. If you still have Hookah-Hookah shisha, but are having trouble getting a smoke out of it, try squeezing all the water out of it (very very watery), so that your tobacco is a little drier and easier to evaporate. This will help solve that problem. [quote name='mattwoods11' timestamp='1299256443' post='500260'] Hey guys I have been to Hookah bars several times and absolutely love it! I think the hard buzz I get from it is better than drinking so I went out and got my own mini Hookah. The stuff I purchased for it was Orange by a maker called HookahHookah. Its unwashed (.5%) but when I smoked it I literally felt nothing at all....not even a slight buzz. What is up with this? Any suggestions or is that type of shisha just not that good? I want something thats going to kick me in the face like it does when I go to hookah bars. There are not many stores to find the stuff around here so any suggestions? [/quote]