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  1. AngelaPangela00

    New To Forum And Hookah

    Huntsville is a lot farther north than where I'm from, which is near Montgomery. I've tried banana, double apple, guava, cherry, watermelon, peach, and strawberry. So far, out of all the flavors I've tried, apple martini by Jewels and sex on the beach by Pharaoh are my favorite. I really like the AF too, I just haven't had a chance to try any of the special flavors yet. [quote name='Cp44' timestamp='1299525629' post='500526'] welcome to HF! I almost went down to AL for work, Huntsville actually but decided to stay where I'm at. What flavor of Al Fakher do you smoke? [/quote]
  2. AngelaPangela00

    New To Forum And Hookah

    Hi y'all... The name's Angela. I'm an Alabama native, trying to find my way in this backwards little town. I'm from a pretty close-minded family, and in the three years I've been living on my own, I've been exploring new ideas, cultures, and activities. One that really grabbed ahold of me was hookah. Around November or December, I started looking up different things about hookahs, and finally decided to purchase my own in January. My knowledge solely coming from YouTube videos, random articles online, and a few people on twitter, I purchased a 20" Luxor Egyptian Hookah with a stainless steel stem. The first flavor I tried was peach shisha from Al Fakhr, and instantly I was in love. I've been smoking every week... okay, pretty much every day since then. I'm interested in becoming more versed in the culture, ideas, and FUN that comes along with smoking! Any tips, tricks, or suggestions from anyone are welcome! Also, this is the first forum I've ever been on, so I have no idea, to be honest, how stuff works on here... so yes, I am an all around "n00b" I guess you could say. Hahaha. Thanks! (: