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  1. Completely forgot my account here.

    1. Coyote


      Welcome back :)
  2. Alright, so Im looking for some help in crafting a hose. We've got a few broken KM hoses laying around the shop (I work in a smoke shop which mainly deals in Hookahs/tobacco) so Ive got the tips for each side of the hose but I dont know where to go from there. So heres the deal, I need some help deciding on crafting materials: adhesives, tubing, "skins" and just general techniques that could help. Any help?
  3. Sorry for the buggy quality, the photo was taken from my Envy3. But yep, just like the description this is my new KM, I was weary at first because I'd never seen a KM with that type of vase but a good look at the stem and I was sold. Dropped $100 for it at the smoke shop I work at, got a hell of a deal since I barely paid over cost. The picture isn't showing the KM AS hose I got last week. Big guy here hits like a prize fighter and smokes like a dream. People new to Hookah can barely handle how much of a draw you get off it [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/rofl2.gif[/img]
  4. Damn, I didn't realize how lucky I am. I got my first hookah at 18 from a Jordanian exchange student I got to be friends with my senior year of high school. My mom was a little bit iffy, dad didnt seem to care as long as it wasn't NHT. It took a while before I was comfortable enough to smoke in front of them but about two years ago my mom had to go to Egypt for work. By the time she got back she loved smoking since cigs were so damn expensive over there. Now, I can't sit on the porch and smoke without her getting in on it. My grandparents still call them "Arab b--gs though [img]http://www.hookahforum.com/public/style_emoticons/default/smiley-angry021.gif[/img]
  5. [quote name='INCUBUSRATM' timestamp='1298953398' post='499899'] Nice, sounds like a pretty good shop! That's some nice stuff. [/quote] Thanks They opened up just across the street from my old dorms so I used to go in and get supplies (They were the only place around that didnt sell 3k coals for $4.50 and a 50g box for $6. These are the real prices) but always ended up talking to the owner, a Palestinian named Anas. Well business kept growing for him so he'd always ask me for flavors the college kids would like and eventually he just asked me if I wanted a job (The store was primarily just a cheap head shop at the point he started asking for hookah advice.) So now I work there and help manage the store essentially being the "Hookah guy".But ever since I got in we've expanded from 4 flavors of Nakhla, pharaoh coals to carrying; AF, AS, larger selection of Nakhla, 360, Starbuzz and now we even carry MYA, 360 and KM along with several Syrian style hookahs. Im hoping by 2 months we'll be able to carry Tangiers and Coconara's if sales keep picking up at this rate.
  6. Yeah, I've never seen one like it either. My mom works for the International Studies department at my university and brought it back from Jordan on a business trip. When I asked her where she got it I just got a "No clue, some little shop in the local market for 30 usd." Either way, I like it and it smokes like a champ. But as for the flavors here we go: [u]Starbuzz:[/u] Blue Mist Citrus Mist Sex on the Beach White Peach Strawberry Double Apple (Never tried Starbuzz's tbh, so this ones more for me ) Melon Blue Tangerine Dream Lemon Tea Classic Cola Apricot Margarita [u]Nakhla:[/u] Zaghloul Mizo Peach Silver Apple Earl Grey Fakhfakhina Lemon If you cant tell Im getting in swing for the coming warm weather, haha. We're situated right across the street from my university so once the first sunny day rolls in we'll get slammed. As for the Mya's, I don't know any of the specifics, I just told the owner to pick up some of the Bohemians, QTs and Bambinos so I guess Ill be surprised come tomorrow. [u] [/u] [b][font="Arial"][size="2"] [/size][/font][/b]
  7. Heres a quick picture of the Jordanian, I've been working doubles at the smoke shop I work at getting ready for the first of the month (12 new flavors of Starbuzz, 5 new Nakhla, and we start carrying Mya's ) so Ive been leaving the KM there. I'll be able to upload the picture of it tomorrow.
  8. I've noticed, recently, that smoking with people tends to bring up conversations that resonate on a personal level. Whether it be religion, politics, sports etc... people tend to be a little more open with such grounded opinions and, for the most part, are relatively calm and open to discussion. I personally have never been religious, nor a sports fan (enough to follow pro sports, I've been an avid soccer and basketball player since childhood.) but conversations of a philosophical manner are always a key interest of mine. Now I do realize its hard to have any type of serious discussion over a forum, so much information is lost in translation and the inflection is left crying somewhere in the corner, but I'd like to know some of the beliefs of my fellow hookah freaks. So heres my proposal, we sit back, light up a bowl of your favorite shisha (Nakhla Double Apple w/clove here) and wax philosophical. Socrates once said "The unexamined life is not worth living", well lets examine the life around us. Time to feed your head.
  9. I'm terrible with introductions, so cut me a break here. I'm a Poli Sci/Journalism major at Wright State in my second year. I work at and help manage a local smoke shop (me dealing with the hookah half of the store, the owner takes care of the NTP) I've been smoking hookah for going on three years now, a friend of mine had moved here from Egypt our senior year of High school and got me into it. I've got three hookahs myself, a Mya Saray Bohemian, a no name Jordanian set up, and a KM I picked up from work (Not sure on the name) I'll some pics later. I'm a Nakhla/Romman enthusiast and use Nammor hoses. Anything else you want to know, just ask.
  10. Cramming for exams, even at work. Thank god for Nakhla and coffee.

    1. Chreees


      Even better, Nakhla coffee flavor! Haha. But yeah, Nakhla and coffee is awesome together.
    2. Nedzulla


      I've still yet to try Nakhlas coffee unfortunately :|
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